100th Day of School

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 

This week is VERY EXCITING!!!!! We are going to be celebrating the 100th day of school on Tuesday!!!! 🙂 We will also be starting to practice writing our last names. I am very proud of the class, they have been doing great with writing their first names!!!! 🙂

Theme Of The Week:
– Dental Health

Letter Of The Week:

– Letter “Pp”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Your Teeth”
– “How Many Teeth”
– “I Know Why I Brush My Teeth”
– “My Dentist”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– Did you Brush?
– Healthy Teeth Tune

– Brushing Up
– If You’re Happy And You Know It Brush Your Teeth

– I Been Brushing With My Toothbrush

Projects And Activities:
– Letter “Pp” Alphabet Page

– Letter “Pp” Workbook Page

– Making A Big Shiny Smile

– Healthy/Unhealthy Tooth Activity

– Drawing A Picture Of Ourselves Smiling

Prek 3 ( Michele Zinacola )
We would like to take a moment officially to welcome Michele Zinacola on board at this location . The kids enjoyed meeting her last week and we have an exciting week of activities planned to kick off this new start!

Letter of the week: Q

Some books we will be reading :
The queens feet by Sara Ellis
Quick, quick, quick by Marsha Arnold
The quilt makers gift by Jeff Brum
Little quack by Lauren Thompson

Some projects we will be doing:
We will be creating a queen from the Q with jewels
Making our very own quilt if a variety of paper patterns
Creating a duck after our “quack “book
Q-tip painting in the art room

fine motor skills: our students have made wonderful progress thus far however many are still struggling with fine motor skills so we will be working on activities to strengthen them over the next few weeks. For this week we will be printing the entire alphabet and having them dip a Q-tip in paint and tracing the letters.

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy ) 
Letter of the week : t

Some projects we will be doing:
Using tape to fill in the Letter t (placement activity)
Tooth brush project
Transportation picture

Some books we will be reading:
Cars trucks and things that go by Richard scary
Duck in the truck by Jez Alborogh
Big truck little truck by Jan car
Freight train by Donald crew

Science skill: we will continue to learn how to care for our teeth and the chemical reaction that takes place when we don’t.

Fine motor skills : now that we are in the second half of the year we are working on activities that strengthen our students hands for fine Motor skill development. We will be tracing this week for the T over a variety of letters we have been working on.