K for Kite

We will be closing the month out by  reviewing the overall concept of Spring creatures and new life that is found during this time. Our lessons were cut short last week due to picture day on Thursday and Friday so we will be bringing everything to a close this coming week. we will be making a spring food surprise in pre-k cafe on this Monday.Our review letter is K this week and we will also be making spring kite crafts.

All summer camp forms are due May 1st for Prek-k3 & 4 by May 1st as there are no discounts past this point. This is only offered to early registered families. 

Due to a large amount of  requests from parents we will be having 8 weeks offered for prek-2 as well! The cost will be $145.00 per week and a discount will only be offered for four weeks or more. The ratio for prek-2 is lower so the cost is slightly higher. All details will be going home in the backpacks this coming Monday and the forms will be due back May 8th for early enrollment.

Save the date:
Monday May 12th is our mothers day breakfast! (This is only offered to the children who attend our school on Mondays as we do have room to accommodate all the families)

PreK 4 Week of 4/28/2014

We’ll review letters P, Q and R. We’ll make pompon letters and numbers, letter “p” pianos, brightly- colored rainbow Rs and queens with crowns!

In Kids’ Cafe we’ll make edible umbrellas (apples and raisins) and spring flowers ( bread, colored cream cheese, bananas).

We’ll color, cutout and put together our own spring booklets!

We’ll sort and count common household and school items ( plastic utensils, crayons, blocks and books).

In story time we’ve been reading the little men and little miss books by Roger Hargreaves. The stories are clever and silly and each one teaches valuable lessons ( kindness , truthfulness, helpfulness, good manners). Ask your child about Mr. Happy ( a favorite !), Mr. Slow, Mr. Grumble and Little Miss Naughty!

Recycling and Protecting Our Environment

Recycling and Protecting Our Environment

Pre-k 3 Class

Although break was nice we all miss the kids and look forward to getting back in the swing of things!

For the last week of the month we will be reviewing all the weekly themes as well as continuing to learn about pond life and the season of spring. We will be creating paper plate ducks and frogs. We will also be making our own birds nest and creating cheerio jewelry.Last is our review letter is C.

Pre-K 4 Class

This week we ‘ll celebrate earth day (April 22 ) with lessons/activities on recycling and protecting and keeping our environment clean and healthy.

We ‘ll learn about a frog ‘s life cycle and sequence and color “frog cards” to make our own life cycle booklets.



We ‘ll plant alfalfa and radish seeds on moist sponges, seal the sponges in plastic bags and then place the bags in our sunny window and examine ( using a magnifying glass ) the sprouts as they grow!
Using dyed ( several colors) bow tie pasta we ‘ll practice sorting and graphing and letter and number formation.

We’ll review letters M, N and O and make mice, night skies and octopuses!!!

Important Reminders:

All Summer Camp forms are due back before May 1st 2014. After this date, there will be no discounts available, this is for early registration only. Also the picture forms are due back tomorrow otherwise the photographer will not be taking your child’s picture. 

Happy Easter


The school will be closed between April 14th to 18th and returning on April 21st.

Reminder: Summer Camps
Summer Camps Forms should be returned by May 1st 2014. There will not be discounts after May 1st.

Reminder: Parenting Classes 
Parents who are interesting on attending the parenting classes are required to sign up via email to 
nellie97@optimum.net to have a precise headcount for refreshments and childcare.  Parenting classes are at zero cost but there is charge of 3 dollars per child for child care.

Reminder: Picture Forms
Pictures forms need to be filled out in order for your child’s picture to be taken for spring portraits. If they’re not filled out the photographer will not be taking the pictures. Please return forms after the school break.

Happy Easter



Furry and Feathered Friends

We will creating a caterpillar made from recycled juice tops and learn the stages of the caterpillar into the butterfly. We will also be making our own feathered friend the birds in their own home the nest and discuss how the birds nurture their babies and how they live.

We will be doing other assorted creature crafts as well as reviewing the letter D and will be making a door knob hanger.



Important reminder:
Please bring items requested for our spring party no later than April 8th.If you do not attend our school but would like to join our party you need to call or email as we can not be over head count. The party will be from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM on April 11th.


Pre k 4 Class

We’ll celebrate the Easter season talking about Jesus and learning through Bible verses that a “real” Easter bunny has the characteristics of Jesus that we all should try to have.

We’ll review letters J, K and L and make jellyfish, kangaroos and lighting bugs!
We ‘ll sort, graph and count jelly beans and soft baby chicks!
Science activities will include a lesson/activity with magnets, and we ‘ll also learn about the importance of trees in our world( they make oxygen, help keep our air clean and their roots keep our soil in place ) and create out own forests!

To challenge and sharpen visual discrimination skills we’ll use “cue” cards to mix and match Easter eggs!

Reminder: The school will be closed between April 14th to 18th.