Insects Pictures

Insects Pictures

We are learning about different insects this week and will be searching outdoors with magnifying glasses to hunt for some!
We will also be creating insect pictures. We will be reviewing the letter P and making popcorn from our own fingerprints!


Prek-4 Class

We’ll continue practicing for graduation and our show; we’ll practice our songs(words and movements) and our Bible verses.

We’ll review colors,shapes, opposites,positional words and we’ll continue working in our workbooks!

A lesson on respectfulness to all will include making friendship bracelets and booklets!

Each child will make his own “superbug,”a process art activity!

Important Reminder:
Next week we are off on Monday May 26th 2014

V for Vegetables

Prek-3 Class

Next week we will be reviewing the letter F and making a fruit collage reviewing our fruit groups. Additionally, we will be reviewing a variety of shapes. We will continue to learn about the world God has created for us.

Please note that all of our projects and lessons are abbreviated as we get ready for our preschool graduation show.

Monday May 12th is our moms breakfast from 9am-10am. Tuesday we will have a teacher from NJ swim come in a do a demonstration on swim safety with all the children at 10am.

Prek-4 Class

We’ll finish our alphabet review (V,W,X,Y and Z); we’ll review beginning sounds and practice letter formation. We ‘ll make letter V vegetables and volcanoes and W watermelons!

In circle time we’ll practice our  Bible verses,days of the week, months of the year, seasons and continue to review our name cards (all the children have learned their names and those of their classmates!).

We’ll make our own puzzles with cardboard cereal, cracker and cookie boxes and challenge ourselves to put them together.

We talk A LOT about the importance of kindness and caring and we’ll collaborate  to make our own kindness/ caring gardens!!!

Mother’s Day Suprises

Mother’s Day

The overall goal for the month of May is to learn about different animals of the world. Topics will include the book of Genesis and creation as well as where creatures live and their characteristics as well as their habitats.

This coming week we will begin in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning” We will be making our own worlds and different types of creatures. Tuesday May 6th at 11:00 AM we also will be going into the chapel for a special music show put on by the homeschool co-op. We will also be starting our practice for Pre-k3 & 4 for our graduation show!

Upcoming dates:

  • Next week May 12th Moms breakfast (only for children attending on Mondays)
  • Tuesday May 13th at 10:00 AM, we will be having NJ swim come in and do a water safety lesson for all the children.

Month of May Supplies: 

Scotch tape, masking tape and paper towels. We are beginning to create props for our graduation and appreciate these items as well as any big lollipops or candies. Our theme for graduation is Gods love is sweet!


PreK 4

We ‘ll be making special Mother’s Day surprises!

S, T and U are our review letters this week. We’ll make sunflowers, submarines and tractors !!

Using blocks we ‘ll create our own town: roads, schools, shops, fire stations and parks.

In science, with hands -on activities, we will explore motion and sound!

Math Bingo and seed sorting will challenge our math skills.