Increase Your Child’s Literacy

Good morning Parents! We are already began our summer camp program this week for eight weeks! There are still spots left open if you would like to join in as we would love to have your children attend.

On another note as many of you know I am pursuing my masters degree in early childhood and would love to share what I am learning with you weekly in the newsletters. I hope you find this enlightening.

These tips are to increase your child’s literacy:

  • make time daily to read with your child
  • read out loud to your children and read along with them
  • take your child to the library and allow them to select the books
  • give books and magazine subscritions as gifts that will encourage reading
  • provide materials to write with (washable markers,crayons etc.)
  • emphasize the value of literacy

 *remember together ,parent and teacher, we create a partnership to help develop the tools needed to support the child literacy development.