Practicing for Our Christmas Program


Pre k-4 Class

This week we will continue practicing for our Christmas program, learning our songs and  their motions and Bible verses.

L is this week’s letter and we’ll make ladybugs, lions and lighthouses, practice letter formation and the L sound and identify L words

We’ll use Legos for counting and sorting and also for making colorful art projects!

Beginning this week we will chart December’s weather, observing and charting temperature, rain/snowfall and sunrise and sunset times!

Pre k-3 Class

Theme – To learn about Jesus’ life

This week each child will be encouraged to join in with the Christmas songs we are rehearsing.

English – Letter “L” and its sound, naming as many “L” words as we can.

Math–  We will be developing our estimating skills through games and activities. We will use compare bears to estimate numbers to 10. Lady Bug Game- estimating/counting spots

Stories – Bible stories about the life of Jesus

  • ‘ Big and LITTLE” by John Stadler
  • “Three LITTLE kittens” by P. Galdone
  • ” LEMONS are not red” by L. seeger
  • “The Grouchy LADYBUG” by E. Carle
  • ” Gladys goes out to LUNCH” by D. Anderson
  • “LLAMA LLAMA mad at Mama”, “LLAMA, LLAMA Misses Mama”, “LLAMA LLAMA and the Billy Goat”, by A Dewdney


  • “LADYBUG LADYBUG fly away home””
  • “Mary had a LITTLE LAMB”

Circle Time Activities

“L” words,  number math- counting and estimating and months of the year. We will read at least one story each day.

Health Skills 

Discuss sleeping and health and how they are related. 


Other Activities

  • Make silhouette of Bethlehem
  • Make felt lion and handprint lamb
  • Jesus is the light of the world – decorate lanterns
  • Outline of arm as tree with leaves.  

Pre K-2 Class

  • This week we are going to learn all about the letter I and the two sounds it makes. We are going to do some I related crafts.
  • We will continue learning We Wish You A Merry Christmas for our concert. Please remember to practice at home.  The Pre-k 2’s will learn all about my favorite sense, smell! We are going to start learning about Christmas and start creating some Christmas masterpieces. 

Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree


PreK 4 and Wraparound Class

In this short week we’ll continue working on the letter K. Please practice the K sound with your children and challenge them to name K words ( king, kitten, koala, kite, kangaroo etc.).

We’ll talk about harvest and gratitude and we’ll read stories about the first Thanksgiving. We’ll make a “thankful tree,” turkey hats and our own Mayflowers! Happy Thanksgiving!


PreK 3 Class

Theme – Thanksgiving

Read books on Thanksgiving

Art and craft turkey 

Talk about what we are all thankful for.


PreK 2 Class 

As the weather gets colder and we are approaching the end of November, Thanksgiving is on my mind. This week we are going to focus on being kind and sharing. We are going to pretend to get on the Mayflower and discuss the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims and the Native  Americans sat down and shared a meal. 

We started practicing for the Christmas show. The pre-k 2’s will be singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas! This week I will send a copy of the lyrics home with your child. 

We are going to make Thanksgiving Day crafts and learn about the letter H. We will learn about the sense of hearing. Make sure to ask your kiddos about all the fun and wonderful things that are going on at school.