Phonological Awareness


PreK 4 and Wraparound Class (Adele Leeds)

We’ll make peacocks, penguins and pizzas as we learn and practice the P sound. Please practice the P sound with your children and challenge them to identify P words.

Using our number line  we’ll review numbers1-15 (recognition and order) and use peanuts, popcorn and pretzels for sorting and graphing.

At circle time each morning we review name cards, days of the week, months of the year, the seasons and the day’s weather!

A lesson/activity on positional words will help the children with organizational and placement skills. Please review above/below, in/out, on/off, over/under, between and next to with your children.

To encourage phonological awareness, we’ll have lessons on syllables. The children will hear 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 syllable words and use their hands  and connecting cubes to “clap” the syllables. We have fun “clapping” our names (first and last)!!

We’ll have fun playing a rhyming version of I Spy that will stretch the childrens’ listening and observation skills.

Ask your children about our edible octopus! We had so much fun and skill building ( math and  language !) and we loved the peppers and hummus.


Prek 3 Class (Susan Adesina)

Theme – Discuss cold weather animals

This week each child will  be encouraged to take turns.

English – Letter “R” and its sound, naming as many “R” words as we can – eg” RAIN RAINBOW RIGHT RAT RIP RING ROSE RED RUN RIDE RECTANGLE

Math – Graphs


  • ” Little Red Riding Hood” 
  • “Animals in Winter” by H Bancroft
  • “When it starts to snow” by P Gershator
  • Antarctica” by H Cowcher

Nursery Rhyme

  • ” ROW ROW ROW your boat”
  • “Hokey Cokey” -RIGHT                

Circle Time Activities                  

  • “R” words,  number math. Months of the year. We will read at least one story each day

Science Skills

  • Different weather types and what to wear- dress a bear for winter

Art And Craft Projects:

  • Make a ROBOT out of RECTANGLES
  • Make hand print RED ROSES
  • ROCKET out of squares with name on 
  • RAIN picture from cupcake holders and pipe cleaners

Prek 2 Class (Chrissy Sunberg)

This week we will create a winter night sky using different shapes and white paint while learning about the letter N. The class will learn and practice writing the letter n while using a paint bag. We will name items that start with the letter N.

The class will review numbers 6-10 by counting and adding items to our cool snowman we plan on creating! We are going to tear pieces of tissue paper and place them on contact paper. Tearing any type of paper will strengthen your child’s fingers and hands, which will prepare them for writing with a pencil. We will name animals that can live in cold climates. 

Books we will be reading are:

  • Snowman at Night
  • Naught Nicky
  • The Snowy Day

Hibernate in the Winter


Prek 4 Class (Adele Leeds )

We’ll review letters M,N and O, practice our letter formation and continue writing our names with upper and lower case letters.

At circle time we’ll talk about winter weather and how we dress to keep ourselves warm! We’ll learn about hibernating animals and how they prepare for and thrive in winter.

Science activities will include experiments about solids and liquids (what happens when a variety of items are placed in water) and bouncing ( what items bounce and why!).

We’ll use M and M s, peanuts and oranges to learn about graphing. 

As a treat we’ll make and snack on edible snowmen!

Prek 3 Class (Susan Adesina )


  • Explore Hibernation
  • This week each child will  be encouraged to share whatever they are playing.
  • Say “Please” and “Thank you” 


  • Letter “Q” and its sound, naming as many “Q” words as we can.  eg QUEEN, QUICK,QUIET QUARTER, QUESTION, QUACK.QUILT
  • Ask a friend QUESTIONS about themselves
  • Retell the story of “The Mitten” in correct order using animals.


  • Look at QUARTERS of shapes- cut shapes into QUARTERS 
  • make a paper plate clock and color in a QUARTER of the clock face.
  • Graph of our favorite animal from “The Mitten” 


  • “The Mitten” by Jan Brett
  • “Bear snores on” by K Wilson
  • “Leaves” by D Stein
  • Read a variety of books about snow and winter- discuss clothing worn and why. 

Circle Time Activities:

  • “Q” words,  number math.. Months of the year. We will read at least one story each day 

Science Skills:

  • Learning about dressing for different weather

Art and Craft Projects

  • Make a QUILT out of hexagonal paper shapes-
  • Make crayon rubbings of QUARTERS

Prek 2 Class (Chrissy Sunberg)

This week we will have a Phonics Review for the letters J-M by doing picture sorting, writing and initial sound matching. I want to continue reading and exploring The Mitten.  I have so many neat crafts and learning manipulatives that relate to The Mitten. Some projects we plan on doing are sorting paper mittens from smallest to largest and matching mittens with the correct number.  

This week we are going to talk about hibernation and read stories about the animals that hibernate in the winter. 

We will start an early valentines day project to hang on the main bulletin board as well. 

The following books will be read:

  • The Mitten 
  • Old Bear
  • Say Hello to the Snowy Animals
  • J is for
  • K is for Kite
  • Little lemon lollipops