Jack-in-the-box Craft


Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds)

With number rhymes we’ll practice numbers 3 and 6 recognition and formation.

J is this week’s letter. We’ll make jellyfish and jack-in-the-boxes and practice writing upper and lower case Js.

We’ll begin to celebrate the birth of Jesus and this season of caring and sharing for families and friends. Look for our crèche project.

We’ll explore ( using corks, candles, coins, apples, raisins, plastic toys etc.) why certain items either sink or float.

To review letters A-J and numbers 1-12, I’ll give each child a review sheet and crayon, dim the lights and shine a light on a letter or number on our classroom alphabet and number charts. The children will name the letters and numbers and cross them out on their sheets. This group activity is fun and cooperative.

Prek 3 ( Susan Adesina )

OVERALL GOAL: To have a grounded understanding of the life and death of our Lord Jesus and why we celebrate His life.

THEME: To explore the role of giving and sharing

This week each child will be encouraged to share with their friends. We will talk about giving to others less fortunate.

ENGLISH- Letter “K” and its sound, naming as many “K” words as we can.

MATHS:  We will estimating and predicting

STORIES: Non-fiction books on KANGAROOS and KOALAS

RHYME-“Polly put the KETTLE on”

CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITIES: “K” words,  number maths and days of the week. We will read at least one story each day.


  • Make a KINGS crown
  • Decorate a KITE
  • Make K collage

HEALTH SKILLS: Bones and muscles