I’m A Little Snowman!

I’m A Little Snowman!

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 
Just a friendly reminder that we will be having early dismissals on Thursday and Friday due to conferences. We will be having show and tell on Tuesday for the letter “O.” The children have been doing great with their phone numbers and addresses. 🙂 They have started to write their first names by memory and they are doing AMAZING!!!! 🙂 The children have been having so much fun with their are projects. If you can please stop by our room and take a look around. 🙂

There Of The Week:
– Snow

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “O”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– I’m A Little Snowman
– Hot Chocolate
– Winter
– Make A Snowman

Books We Will Be Reading:
– (TBD)

Projects And Activities:
– Letter O Worksheets
– Letter 0 Alphabet Page
– Letter O Workbook Page
– Making An Icicles Project
– Making A Snowflake
– Making A Winter Tree
– Making A Snow Storm In A Bottle 🙂
– Decorating A Snow Hat

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola )
he children are really enjoying science activities with Miss Sharon. She used lots of dry spaghetti to show us strength/ support and light and heavy!
Thank you again to Jacqueline’s mom Kelly for spending time with us last Friday: we loved the snowman story, craft and marshmallow treats!
The children did a great job with a storytelling/ sequencing activity. I gave the children
three story cards and each child was able to order the cards appropriately and tell his /her story! This activity encourages critical thinking, sequencing skills and promotes sharing / speaking at circle time! We’ll try four-card stories soon.

This week’s letter is O. We’ll make octopuses , owls and paint/ stamp with oranges!
We’ll sort and count with colorful O cereal and have Oreos as a special treat!!
We’ll read Groundhog Day (Betsy Lewis), make groundhog puppets and learn this poem

My Little Groundhog
Here’s a little groundhog, furry and brown
He is coming up to look around
If he sees his shadow
Then down he’ll go
Then six more weeks of winter
Oh no!!

The children are doing great work in their workbooks and ABC books with Miss Michele !


Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward)
Just a reminder we are closed on Monday due to the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. We will see everyone back on Tuesday 🙂 No show and tell this week because we will be reviewing our letters A-N. The class has been doing wonderful writing their first names 🙂

Weekly Theme:
– Winter

Letter Of The Week:
– Review Letters A-N

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “The Mitten”
– “Snowflakes Fall”
– “The Very Cold Freezing No Number Day”
– “Welcome”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– This Little Snowman
– Hot Chocolate Song
– Winter
– Make A Snowman

Projects And Activities:
– Review Letters Worksheets
– A Hot Chocolate Craft
– A Snowman
– Make Mittens
– Make Snowflakes

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola )
This week’s letter is N. We’ll make nests and shiny nights and and Ns full of numbers!
We’ll make a number line with marshmallows (#s1-9) and do a number 9 search worksheet.
We’ll make colorful name puzzles ( the children are doing a great job identifying their names and their friends’ names!).

We’ll read Good Night Construction Site ( Sherry Dudley Rinker), No Nap ( Eve Bunting),The Napping House ( Audrey Wood) and The Best Nest ( P. D. Eastman ).

We’ll learn and illustrate this poem

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Which do you like
Best of all?
Winter’s cold
Summer’s hot!
Springtime’s green
Fall is not!
I can’t decide
I like them all
Winter, Spring, Summer Fall!

Animals That like The Cold Weather

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 

The class had so much learning about hibernation last week 🙂 We also loved welcoming our new friend in class Lilyana 🙂

Weekly Topic:

– Animals That Like The Cold Weather

Letter Of The Week:

– Letter “Nn.”

Books We Will Be Reading:

– “Puffling.”

– “Wish”

– “I Am Small.”

– “When I Grow Up.”

– “Forever.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:

– Animal Dance

– I’m A Little Penguin

– I Have What I Need

Projects And Activities:

– Letter N Workbook Page

– Letter N Alphabet Page

– Letter N Worksheets

– Polar Bears

– Penguins

– Cardinals

– Snow Owl

– Free Paint An Owl That Loves The Snow

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola ) 
We are looking forward to Pajama week — special stories and treats!
We’ll celebrate Martin Luther King’s life with a story, project and an alike and different lesson using brown and white eggs.

This week’s letter is M. We’ll paint with marshmallows, sort and count with M and Ms and have fun with magnets!

Together we’ll make a batter for muffins ( I’ll bake them at home and then we’ll share together).

We’ll make a letter M mouse and read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!


Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward )

I hope everyone had a great new year!!! 🙂 We will be having show and tell on Tuesday letter “M.” On Friday we will be practicing hibernating like bears do. Your child can bring in a stuffed animal to hibernate with. 🙂

Weekly Theme:
– Hibernation

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “M.”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Bear Snores On.”
– “Bear Wants More,”
– “Hibernation.”
– Hibernation With Me.”
– “Bear Wants To Tell A Story.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– Hibernation
– It’s Time To Hibernate
– Bear Is Sleeping
– Napping Critters

Projects And Activities:
– Letter M Workbook Page
– Letter M Worksheets
– Letter M Alphabet PAge
– Making A Bear Cave
– Making Bears
– Making Bear Footptints
– Making A Hedgehog
– Making A Raccoon

– Numbers

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola )

We’ll review letters A-K, numbers 1-7 and finish our letter K projects.
On Monday January 6 Kelly Carella,Jacqueline’s mom, will visit our class to read a story and do a wintertime craft. We’re really looking forward to Kelly’s visit!
On Tuesday January 7 we’ll go to Candylicious for a lesson and craft!
This week’s letter is L. We’ll make lions ( painting with plastic forks ) and ladybugs on ladders.
We’ll sort and count with ladybugs and use lemons and limes for patterning and making lemonade and limeade ( sugar and water to measure and add! ).
We’ll learn  I’m a Little Ladybug ( tune of I’m a little teapot )

I’m a little ladybug, as you can see
I am a beetle, pretty as can be
I am brightly colored, red and black
Look at the pretty spots on my back!

Nellie WestpyLittle Promises Academy | nellie.westpy@littlepromisesacademy.com