Our 5 Senses

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 
The class has been having a fun time searching for the leprechaun in our classroom!! We will have show and tell on Tuesday for the letter “T.”

Weekly Topic:
– Our 5 senses

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter T

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– 5 Senses Songs

Projects And Activities:
– Letter T Worksheets
– Letter T Alphabet Page
– Letter T Workbook Page
– 5 Senses Booklet Along With Activities With Each Sense 🙂

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola ) 
This week’s letter is T. We’ll practice writing Ts, twos, tens and triangles and make colorful triangle collages.
We’ make tigers and turtles and learn fun facts about each!
On Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll have tea parties at snack time ( teddy grahams, tea biscuits and juice ). Your child can bring in his/ her favorite teddy bear to join us!
We’ll sort and count tiny teddy bears (1-10) and play teddy bear match up ( color, shape and number recognition 1-10.
Miss Michele and Miss Jess are working with the children on spring projects — getting our classroom ready to welcome Spring!