Fall Animals

Prek 3 – 4  ( Kate Hawkins )
Happy Fall! It’s Fall Animals week and we will learn about animals that come out in the fall! We will also be focusing on the letter Cc, recognizing numbers 1-10, the color blue, and the Octagon shape! This week we will be practicing our cutting skills! Here is a list of activities we will be enjoying this week!

Language Arts: We will be reading “Wake Up Kisses” by Pamela Edwards, “the Legend of the Three Trees” by Catherine McCafferty, and “Leaf Trouble” by Jonathan Emmitt.

Handwriting: This week we will focus on recognizing and writing the letter C and learning C in sign language! We will also practice drawing our shapes.

We are very good at counting to the number 10, but let’s try counting our friends in line. How many friends are in class today?

There are 10 fall leaves drawn on our papers, we will be cutting out and sorting 10 leaves by size. 


Let’s dissect an apple! What are all the parts of The inside and outside of an Apple called? We will learn the names this week! 


We have a fun Apple project this week and we will recreate it using construction paper. What are the parts of the Apple and what are they named? We labeled our final picture! 

There are so many fallen leaves! Let’s make some leaf rubbings! We will use leaves, paper, and crayons to color some beautiful leaf rubbings. 

It’s fall and we may see a lot of foxes! We are going to make and paint fall foxes with googley eyes and noses ! 

This week we will practice some fall animal yoga And practice our fall songs in sign language.
During circle time we will be talking about fall animals and how they adapt to the season and live in their environments. We will also continue to discuss the month, date, days, season and weather! Leaves are falling and fall is here!

K. Hawkins