Animals On The Farm

Prek 4 ( Jenniffer Wards )

This week we will be talking about how March comes in like a lion and out like a Lamb 🙂

Theme Of The Week:
– March coming in like a lion… out like a lamb

Letter Of The Week:
– We Will Be Reviewing Letters A-S

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Animals On The Farm”
– “Sheep”
– “Lion vs. Rabbit”
– “When Lions Roar”
– “When Spring Comes”

Songs/ Poems We Will Be Singing:
– A Lion Or Lamb
– March
– Lions And Lambs
– In Like A Lion… Out Like A Lamb

Projects And Activities We Will Be Doing:
– Review Worksheets
– Making A Lion
– Making A Lamb
– Making A Lion Mask
– Making A Lamb Mask

Prek 3 ( Michele Zinicola )
Pre- K 3 is having a terrific time at school , enjoying all our learning activities!!

Theme of the Week:
Healthy Foods

Letter of the Week:
The Letter “Uu”

Projects and Activities:
Letter “Uu” – activities and worksheet
Letter “Uu” craft – Uu is for umbrella , “Uu” is for underwater
Letter “Uu” project – spring shower picture , math patterns
Letter “Uu” song – “ Wheels on the bus go Up and Down”
Cutting practice for fine motor skills
Healthy food snack

Some books we will read:
Underground by Denise Fleming
Up above and down below by Sue Redding

Have a great weekend and remember to wear your smile to school!

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