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Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 

I can’t believe it is our last full week of school before winter break!!!! So proud of everyone in the Christmas show!!!!

Weekly Theme:
– Christmas

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “Kk”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?”
– “Rudolph Shines Again.”
– “Muddy-paws First Christmas.”
– “The Wild Christmas Reindeer.”
– “ The Bears’ Christmas.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– The reindeer song
– Christmas Star
– Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
– Christmas Lights
– 5 Little Reindeer

Projects And Activities:
– Letter K Worksheets
– Letter K Workbook Page
– Letter K Alphabet Page
– Santa Claus
– Reindeer
– Special Christmas Surprise 🙂
– Christmas Light
– Paint A Christmas Tree

Prek 3 (Adele Leeds ) 
Congratulations to the children! The Christmas show was wonderful! They sang and danced with great spirit!!

We’ll make baby Jesus in the manger and talk about the real meaning of Christmas!
We’ll play “What’s Missing”with tiny Christmas ornaments!
With simple story cards we’ll practice putting a story in order— introducing sequencing.
We’ll learn this poem

Quiet night, star so bright,
Stable filled with hay.
Here is baby Jesus, born on Christmas Day.
Angels sing of the King,
Shepherds bow so low.
God has sent his son to us
Because he loves us so!

We’ll read Eve Bunting’s The Night Tree and Eric Carle’s Dream Snow and the children will create the beautiful Christmas tree from Dream Snow!

The True Meaning Of Christmas

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 
I cannot believe that it is December already!!! The children are all very excited about their Christmas show on Friday!! They have been doing AMAZING during practice!!!!

Weekly Theme-
– We Will be Talking About Jesus And The True Meaning Of Christmas 🙂

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “Jj.”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “The Christmas Path.”
– “The Story Of Christmas.”
– “Mortimer’s Christmas Manger.”
– “The Birds Of Bethlehem.”
– “Great Joy.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– Jesus Is My Friend
– Jesus Loves Me
– My Dear Jesus
– Jesus Loves Us All The Time

Projects And Activities:

– Making An Angel
– Handprint Wreath
– Gingerbread Man
– Baby Jesus In Manger
– Cross Painting
– Letter “Jj” Worksheets
– Letter “Jj” Alphabet Book Page
– Letter “Jj” Workbook Page

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds ) 
Letter of the week I
We’ll make igloos and ice cream cones, explore our I box and trace the letter I.

We’ll enjoy a special ice cream snack!
We’ll experiment with ice: melting it with our warm hands as we pass ice cubes around at circle time and seeing how quickly ice melts with salt!

We are practicing for our show on December 7 and looking forward to sharing the evening with family and friends!
Adele Leeds
Michele Zinicola

Fall And Fall Animals

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward )
I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!! Please remember this week is the last week for food donations for the food pantry and for our blanket drive 🙂

Weekly Theme:
– Fall And Fall Animals

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “Ii”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Don’t Blink”
– “Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?”
– “I Want That Nut”
– “Franklin Helps Out”
– “Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– 5 Little Acorns
– Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel
– The Owl

– Owl Song

Projects And Activities:
– Making An Owl
– Making A Slice Of Pumpkin Pie
– Making An Acorn

– Making Caramel Apples (art Project :))
– Letter I Worksheets
– Letter I Alphabet Page

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola )
This week’s letter is H. At circle time we’ll talk about hugs, hellos and  helping our friends and families. We’ll make heart collages and trace the letter H.
We’ll make houses with craft sticks!
We’ll make snowflakes to decorate our classroom!
We’ll read these books
Mr. Happy ( Roger Hargreaves )
Where’s My Hug?
Hug ( Jez Alborough )
Henry’s Wrong Turn ( Harriet Ziefert )

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy )
We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We will be jumping into our first full week back with continued review of letters A-J and numbers one through 10. Please continue to review at home as well as this helps tremendously with identification and retention. The children seem to truly enjoy our weekly song, activities and stories based on that are each week however it is important to also review in order to catch up before we start the second half of the alphabet. We will be doing a variety projects with different letters throughout the week and will be baking biscuits in different shapes letters for the kids to eat and also bring home! For the month of December is upcoming supplies we are going to in please continue to collect accessories for homeless children and their parents so please keep this in mind when you are out and about in stores and see items on sale to contribute to this very important cause.


Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 

Thanksgiving is only a few days away!!!!I just want you all to know I am so thankful for your children in my class. They truly brighten my day EVERY single time I walk in the classroom!! Thank you for sharing them with Hope and myself :)I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!! We have been doing AMAZING with our food donation drive. I have made three trips already to the church to drop off the donations!!! Please continue to bring in your donations until November 30th.

Theme Of The Week:
– Thanksgiving

Letter Of The Week:
– Due to the short week, we will continue to review letters A-H

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “10 Fat Turkeys.”
– “Thanksgiving At Our House.”
– “Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– The Turkey Trot

– Hello Mr. Turkey

– Five Little Turkeys

Projects And Activities:
– Letters A-H review worksheets

– A Turkey Hat

– A Turkey Thankful Picture

– A Turkey Costume 🙂

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola) 

We’ll finish our F and G pages in our alphabet book and review letters A-G.
With candy corn we’ll count, sort and review numbers 1-5.
We’ll make paper plate turkeys and have a Thanksgiving “feast”: fruit, vegetables and cornbread!
We’ll read:

The Story of Thanksgiving
The Night Before Thanksgiving ( Natasha Wing )
Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy ) 
Due to the abbreviated week we only have two full days of school and Wednesday is a half-day dismissing at 11:45 AM so we will only be doing review of letters a through G that we have covered thus far . We will also be covering review of shapes, letters and numbers one through 10 this coming week.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 
We have started our holiday food and winter clothing drive at School!! Please considering donating to help those in need 🙂

Weekly Theme:
– Feelings

Letter Of The Week:
– Reviewing Letters A-H

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Happy Dog.”
– “Bad Dog, Marley.”
– “The Grouchy Ladybug.”
– “How About A Hug.”
– “Leave Me Alone.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– If You’re Happy And You Know It
– Any Way I Feel
– I Have Feelings

– These Are Some Emotions
– Smile Poem

Projects And Activities:
– Practice Matching Upper And Lowercase Letters Together
– Letters A-H Matching Worksheets
– Emoji Plates With Feelings
– Family Handprint Poster
– Drawing How We Feel At School

– Free Art On Painting What Makes Us Happy
– Making Emotion Sticks

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola )
This week’s letter is G. With red and green grapes, we’ll count (1-5) and make sets.
With a purple stamper, we’ll make bunches of grapes!
We’ll explore our G box and identify objects that begin with the letter G.
With colorful feathers we’ll review colors and make our classroom turkey!
We’ll talk about thankfulness and how our families celebrate Thanksgiving.
We’ll read these books:
Happy Thanksgiving Biscuit
The 12 Days of Thanksgiving
Pete the Cat The First Thanksgiving
One Big Turkey

The children are doing a great job practicing for our holiday show— December 7!

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy ) 
Letter of the week: J

Some books will be reading:
Sheep in a jeep by Nancy Shaw
Jam sandwich by John Furman
Jump by Scott Fisher

Some projects we will be doing:
Jellyfish From paper plate
J with jellybeans
Jelly sandwiches

Math skill: sorting jelly beans by color and grouping them


Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 

I cannot believe that it is already November!!! We have started to practice for our Christmas show which again is December 7th!!!! ****We are going to start collecting non-perishable food items at Little Promises. We will be donating the food to a local food pantry in Randolph 🙂 Food donations can be brought in anytime for collection. If you have any questions at all please contact Jenny:) Thank you so much!!!!

Theme Of The Week:
– Family

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “Hh”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Just Me And My Dad.”
– “Bye, Bye Mom And Dad.”
– “Just Me And My Little Sister.”
– “Just Me And My Little Brother.”
– “Just Grandpa And Me.”

Songs and/or Poems We Will Be Singing:
– Families Are All Different
– See My Family
– Family Song
– Here Is My Family
– Family Poem

Projects And Activities:
– Letter “Hh” Worksheets
– Letter “Hh” Alphabet Page
– Letter “Hh” Workbook Page
– Making A Family Tree
– Drawing Pictures Of Our Families
– Cutting Out The Letter “F” And What We Love About Our Families

– Numbers 1-20

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds )

We’ll finish our letter F projects and explore our F box!
We’ll make Fall name trees ( the children are doing a great job recognizing their names and their friends’ names ).

We’ll learn this poem:


Leaves are falling,
Winter’s calling
We are thankful
For our friends
It’s November once again!

Science: Apple science experiment— We’ll find out how different liquids affect apples!

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy ) 
Letter of the week: I

Some projects we will be doing:
Ice cream prints
Letter I with insects
Igloo picture

Some books we will be reading:
Inside outside by Janne Bernstein
Inch by inch by Leo Leoni
Building an igloo buy Ulie seltzer

Please note this is an abbreviated week since we will be closed for teacher conference/training on Thursday and Friday. Please mark your calendar‘s accordingly and we’ll we will try our best to cover everything in a few days we are there.

Fall Is All Around

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 

***Reminder: Please update your child’s extra clothes at school due to the colder weather. Thank you so much!! I just wanted to say thank you again to all the parents that were able to make a conference. It was so nice to sit down and finally personally meet you 🙂 To all the parents that were unable to make it, please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns about your child’s assessment:)I will always be more than happy to answer any questions!

Theme Of the Week:
– Fall Is All Around

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “Ff”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “J Is For Jack-O’-Lantern.” ( A Halloween Alphabet)
– “Jeoffrey’s Halloween.”
– “The Pigeon Wants A Puppy.”
– “Who’s There?”
– “Fall.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– 5 Little Pumpkins
– I’m A Little Pumpkin
– Pumpkin, Pumpkin
– Scarecrow, scarecrow
– Autumn
– I See Leaves

Projects And Activities:
– Making Bats With Our Pictures On Them 🙂
– Making Jack-O’-Lanterns
– Making Scarecrows
– Making A Pumpkin Patch Using Egg Cartons
– Making 5 Little Pumpkins
– Letter “Ff” Worksheet Pages
– Letter “Ff” Workbook Page
– Letter “Ff” Alphabet Page

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola ) 
We’ll review letters A-E, shapes, colors and numbers! The children love singing It’s a Grand Old Flag!
We’ll make jack-o-lanterns and fall wreaths!
With tiny pumpkins, we’ll do one-to-one correspondence and a number-line count!
We’ll read these books:
Jack-O-Lantern (Charles Reasoner)
Touch and Feel Halloween
The 12 Days of Halloween ( Jenna Lettice )
The Halllow-weiner (Dav Pilkey)
Room on the Broom( Julia Donaldson )
We’ll discover what objects sink and float ( science )!

Harvesting On The Farm

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward )
*****JUST A FEW FRIENDLY REMINDERS….We have half days this upcoming Thursday and Friday due to conferences :)We also have the Weis field trip coming to our school on Wednesday to teach us about some foods!!!

Theme Of The Week:
– Harvesting On The Farm

Letter Of The Week:
– We Will Be Reviewing This Week The Letters A-E

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Out And About At The Apple Orchard.”
– “Plant And Prune.”
– “Farm Machines.”
– “Tractors.”
– “Farmers.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– Have You Ever Seen An Apple
– Do You Know The Apple Man?
– 5 Little Apples
– Pumpkin, Pumpkin
– 5 Little Pumpkins

Projects And Activities:
– We Will Be Making Corn Using Real Popcorn
– We will Be Making An Apple
– We Will Be Making Apple Trees
– We Will Be Trying Some Apples And Making A Graph at Which One We Like The Best
– We Will Be Painting Our Favorite Food That We Harvest

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola )
We’ll play Pass the Jack-O-Lantern ( name recognition ) and make big and small bats ( sorting by size ) and spiders ( learning some rhyming sounds and words ).
This week’s letter is E. We’ll explore the E box and make elephants and hatching eggs!
We will learn Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate!
The children are enjoying workbook pages and worksheets!
We’ll read Pete the Cat— Five Little Pumpkins ( James Dean ) and Red Leaf, Yellow ( Lois Ehlert ).

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy) 
Letter of the week :F

Some books will be reading:
Busy farm by Rebecca Fin
Fire fighters! Lucy cousins
The birthday fish by Dan Yaccarino

Some projects we will be doing:
Fish made from plate
Flowers made from handprints
Firefighter puppets

Please keep in mind that this is an abbreviated week academically as we have half the dismissals on Thursday and Friday between 1145 and 12noon .Thank you

Leaves And Pumpkins

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward )
We Have Being Having A Blast In Class :)The children are doing great recognizing their letters both uppercase and lowercase 🙂

Theme Of The Week:
– Leaves And Pumpkins

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “Ee”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “When Autumn Comes.”
– “Ruby’s Falling Leaves.”
– “Little Boo.”
– “Curious George Goes To A Costume Party.”
– “Pumpkins, From The Sky.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– Leaves On The Trees
– 1,2 Leaves Fell Down
– All The Leaves Are Falling Down
– 5 Little Leaves
– 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate

Projects And Activities:
– Letter “Ee” Alphabet Page
– Letter “Ee” Workbook Page
– Scarecrows
– Pumpkins
– Making A Leaf Collage
– Handprint Leaves
– Fun Jack – O- Lanterns

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola )
This week’s letter is D! We’ll explore our D box, make dinosaurs and have a special mini donut treat!

We’ll make a scarecrow ( shape review ), put ears of corn on corn stalks ( letter A-D review ) and make thumbprint pumpkins on the vine ( numbers 1-10 review ).

We’ll read Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins (Dianne Ochiltree), From Seed to Pumpkin (Wendy Pfeffer) and Pumpkin Pumpkin (Jeanne Titherington).

We’ll play What’s Missing??with mini pumpkins and ghourds and explore the texture, weight and insides of a pumpkin!

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy )
Letter of the week:E

Some books will be reading:
No elephants by Jerry Smath
The little engine that could buy Wally Piper
Extraordinary egg by Leo Leoni

Some projects we will be doing:
Elephant project with E
Chick in egg with lowercase E
The letter E with egg shells

Math skill : reviewing shapes and focusing on the shape oval

Fire Safety Theme

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 
This week we will be learning fire safety!!!! Be prepared for the children to come home and ask you questions about the safety in your house 🙂 I will be bringing in a real firefighter’s helmet for the children to try on and for me to take a picture 🙂

Theme Of The Week:
-Fire Safety

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “Dd”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “I Want To Be A Firefighter.”
– “Fire Trucks.”
– “Stop, Drop and Roll.”
– “Crawl Low Under Smoke.”
– “A Day In The Life Of A Firefighter.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– Hurry, Hurry Drive The Fire Truck
– Fire Safety Song

– Beep, Beep, Beep
– Let’s Learn Fire Safety

Projects And Activities:
– Making A Fire Truck
– Making Fire Dogs (Dalmatians)
– Making A Fire Hydrant

– Making A Poster Together About Fire Safety

– Letter “Dd” Alphabet Page

– Letter “Dd” Workbook Page

Spanish For The Month:
– Family Members

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola ) 
The Randolph Fire Department is visiting us on Thursday October 3! To prepare for the visit we’ll talk about fire safety, have a fire drill and read Firefighters ( Norma Simon ) and Firehouse! ( Mark Teague ). Look for the firetruck project!

We’ll learn this firefighter’s poem

Firefighters wear big red hats.
Climb up ladders to rescue cats!
Ride big trucks with big black tires
Use big hoses to spray fires.

Race when they hear the fire alarms
To help keep people safe from harm!

We are reviewing numbers 1-5, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year and the seasons.

We’ll make colorful fall trees!

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy ) 
Letter of the week: D

Some books will be reading:
The happy dump truck by Miriam scruffy
Go dogs go! By PD Eastman
Big dog little dog by Dave Pikley

Some crafts we will be doing:
That painting the D with a Q-tip
Creating our own dog
Making a domino picture

Math skill: we will be punching out our own paper dominoes and practicing counting one through 10 with our Domino’s.