B for Bee – Quaker Church Location

We’re getting to know each other and will begin using name cards this week to help the children recognize their names and their friends’ names.

At circle time we are practicing listening, waiting our turn and good manners. The children are having fun with calendar count, checking the weather and singing the days of the week and the months of the year songs!

This week’s letter is B. We’ll make bumble bees and birds. We’ll count and sort tiny colorful bears ( one-to-one correspondence ).

We are practicing letter ( A and B ) and number formation ( 1 and 2 ).Always start at the top! I’m working with the children to help with proper pencil grip and control.

We’ll search our letter box for all items beginning with B.

On the playground we’ll blow bubbles and toss balloons!

We’ll read Bear’s Busy Morning ( by Harriet Ziefert and Who Sank the Boat? ( by Pamela Allen ).