Bees and Bears


Prek 4 Class ( Adele Leeds ) 

We’ll make Bees and Bears and have a teddy bear (graham crackers) sorting and graphing math activity. We’ll practice writing the letter B and the number 2.

We’ll make “name constellations” to help us continue to recognize and spell our own names and those of our friends.

We’ll read Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and do two activities with story content to challenge comprehension and math skills. Look for the “wise owl” worksheet which we’ll do together  to encourage the children to wait for and follow oral instruction and direction.

We’ll play catch with a soft ball decorated with numbers and letters. This activity strengthens gross motor skills and challenges letter and number identification.

To develop and strengthen small motor skills we’ll use plastic “tweezers” to pull pompoms from a very stuffed box! 

The children were very proud of their Alligator and Sunflower projects! 

PreK 3  – Week of 9/21/15

THEME – Lets be friends, let’s share

This week we will focus on learning to share, take turns and make new friends.
They will develops self awareness and social awareness. They will gain insight into who God has created them to be and how they fit into the social environment.


  • We are working on letter “B”and its sound, naming as many “B ” words as we can.
  • Nursery.nursery rhymes/ songs ; ” A B C” ALPHABET , ”  When Goldilocks went to the house of the BEARS”

STORY: ” Goldilocks and the three BEARS”

MATH- We will be counting 1 – 20 and Classifying objects


  • ” B” words, color match, shape match, number maths and days of the week.
  • We will read at least one story each day, often related to letter B


  • washing hands, hygiene in school.
  • Play  keeping clean game


  • Letter B collage on a BAG
  • Goldilocks sizing and  sequencing activity