C for Carrot


Prek 4 Class ( Adele Leeds ) 

C is  the letter of the week. We’ll practice letter formation, identify C words and explore our “C” box.

At circle time we’ll use carrots and carrot tops for an alphabet and number ( 1-15 ) identification and review activity.  Ask your child about our carrot patch!

Each day at circle time we review days of the week, months of the year, seasons and weather. We use our name cards for attendance and identifying names.

Look for our “circle cat” and corn on the cob art projects and our “cloud counting ” booklets!

With white chalk, food coloring, paper and water we’ll investigate chalk: how it looks and feels and what happens when it gets wet. We’ll watch it change color as we dip it into colored water. This simple experiment encourages sensory, observational and predicting skills.

We’ll read Pumpkin Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington and do a coloring and sequencing activity.    

Prek 3 Class (Susan Adesina )

THEME – All About Me

This week we will  continue to develop our  listening skills and our ability to sit still when appropriate. We will try to improve our focus.
We will  continue to practice taking turns through various games and activities.

ENGLISH- We are working on letter ” C” and its sound, naming as many ” C” words as we can.


  • We will be counting 1-20
  • This week we will be focusing on repeating patterns

STORY- ” The very hungry CATERPILLAR” by E Carle


  • “C”  words, color match, shape match, number maths and days of the week , the month and four seasons .
  • We will read at least one story each day.


Self Portraits:

  • Give  children small hand mirrors and encourage them to examine their reflections, noting such things as hair colors and styles, eyebrow and eye colors, skin color and nose and mouth shapes.
  • Set out paper, crayons, various colored construction paper scraps and yarn pieces and glue.
  • Then let the children use the materials to create self-portraits
  • Make repeating patterns using colors and shapes

5 things about me:

Ask each child to think of five special things about his or herself.
Example: The child could say, “I have blue eyes”, “I can stand on one foot”, etc.

Encouraging washing of hands when using the bathroom and before eating food
Sing ” This is the way we wash our hands “