Celebrating Dr. Seus Day!

Prek 4 (Jennifer Ward)
This Friday We Will Be Celebrating Dr. Seuss Day!!!!

Theme Of The Week:
– Our 5 Senses

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter Q

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Clang, Boom, Bang”
–  “My Q Sound Book”
–  “Sight”
– “ Smell”
–  “Taste”
–  “Touch”
– We Will Also Be Reading Dr. Seuss     Books On Friday

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– 5 Senses Songs

Projects And Activities:
– Letter “Q” Alphabet Page
-Letter “Q” Workbook Page
– 5 Senses Book
– 1 Fish… 2 Fish…. Red Fish …. Blue Fish Project

– We are working on patterns and seeing what comes next

Prek 3 ( Michelle )
Letter of the week: R

Some books we will be reading:
Little red riding hood by James Marshall
Rain by Donald crews
Rattle trap car by Phyllis Root

Some projects we will be doing:
Making a rocket with the letters in our name
Creating a rainbow with a variety of colors
Rubber band painting

This week we will be practicing letter recognition with rocks for the R. We will place a variety of letters out for each child and give them a bucket of clean rocks which they will place on the shape of the letters they identify.

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy )
Letter of the week:U

Some books we will be reading:
Up above and down below by Sue Redding
Umbrella by Taro yashina
Underground by Denise Fleming

Some projects we will be doing:
Creating our own umbrella
Undersea picture