Christopher Columbus Story


Prek 4 Class ( Adele Leeds )

We’ll review A, B and C this week and continue working on letter formation and beginning sounds.

At circle time we’ll have lessons and activities  on positional words and measurement. Look for our measurement mini books. 

We’ll make weather wheels that the children can use at home to mark each day’s weather!

I’ll fill a “sensory sock” with items that the children will identify by touch alone.

We’ll read ” In 1492 ” by Jean Marzollo  ( the story is told in simple rhyme ) and talk about  Christopher Colombus and his bravery and explorations. We’ll make Ninas , Pintas and Santa Marias  and learn how explorers used the stars to help them find their way! 

After we read ” Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins ”  by Dianne Ochiltree  we’ll use paint and thumbprints to do a pumpkin vine math activity. 

We’ve been reading Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Men and Little Miss books. The children love the stories ( each story has an age-appropriate  moral lesson conveyed with humor and tenderness). Ask your children about Mr. Brave and Little Miss Somersault!

We’ll read Mr. Happy this week.

Prek 3 Class ( Susan Adesina )


OVERALL GOAL : To explore the season of Fall

THEME – Identify signs of the seasons

This week we will  continue to develop our  listening skills and our ability to sit still when appropriate.We will  continue to practice taking turns through various games and activities.


  • We are working on letter “D” and its sound,
  • naming as many “D” words as we can.
  • We are learn songs “Old MacDonald had a farm”

MATH: We will be counting 1-10 and practicing writing numbers 1 , 2 and 3

STORY: “Dinosaur dreams ” by Allan Ahlberg


  • “D” words, color match, shape match, number maths and days of the week.
  • We will read at least one story each day.
  • We will be continuing to learn the days of the week, the 4 seasons and October

HEALTH SKILLS; What is exercise and how do we stay healthy?

Art and Craft projects:

  • Collage of ” D ” objects
  • Create a display to represent the 4 seasons
  • Make a dinosaur picture