D for Dandelions

D for Dandelions


PreK 4 and Wraparound Class

This week’s letter is D and we’ll make  dinosaurs, dominoes  and dandelions!

We’ll have sequencing ( story ordering ) and sequencing ( math and language ) activities.

We’ll explore gourds and pumpkins and use both for classifying and sorting and counting.

Science activities will include hands-on lessons on sink or float and push and pull.

At circle time we are talking about the weather and change of season, reviewing letters and numbers, learning to recognize and spell our names and listening to stories!

PreK 3 Class

Theme – All About Me


This week we will  continue to develop our  listening skills and our ability to sit still when appropriate. We will  continue to practice taking turns through various games and activities.

We are working on letter “D” and its sound, naming as many “D” words as we can. We are learn songs “Old MacDonald had a farm” and ” 5 Little Monkeys”

We will be sorting by length and height. We will be counting 1-10. We will be continuing to learn the days of the week.

“Elmer” by David McKee  Dinosaur dreams by Allan Ahlberg

Circle Time Activities
“D” words, color match, shape match, number maths and days of the week. We will read at least one story each day.

Self Portraits

Give  children small hand mirrors and encourage them to examine their reflections, noting such things as hair colors and styles, eyebrow and eye colors, skin color and nose and mouth shapes.
Set out paper plates, crayons, various colored construction paper scraps and yarn pieces and glue. Then let the children use the materials to create self-portraits

Shoe Matching
Have each  child take off one shoe. Place the shoes in the middle of the room.

5 things about me

Have the child place one hand on a sheet of construction paper and trace around it. Then ask the child to think of five special things about his or herself. Example: The child could say, “I have blue eyes”, “I can stand on one foot”, etc. Write each thing the child says on one of the fingers on the hand print.

Later, let each child hold up their hand prints, while  they tell what is written on each finger.

Ask each parent to bring in pictures as them as a baby, toddler etc. Let each child share with the class.

Encouraging washing of hands when using the bathroom.

PreK 2 Class

We had another successful week in the Pre-K 2’s class. We learned about the letter B and the sound it makes. Please make sure to ask your children what sound it makes. Next week we will continue to work on sharing, sitting during circle time, the days of the week and the months of the year. I will also introduce the letter C and start some cool fall projects.