D for Dinosaurs

The Randolph Fire Department is coming to Little Promises on Monday, October 16. We’ll learn about fire prevention and the firemens’ gear and their jobs. We’ll have an up close look at the fire truck and all its equipment.We’ll read Firehouse! ( Mark Teague) and Fire Fighters ( Norma Simon).

This weeks’ letter is D. We’ll practice beginning sounds and letter formation and will name lots of D words. We’ll make dinosaurs and dandelions! We’ll play dominos and use colorful dots (stamping ) for math activities.

We continue to practice good manners and taking turns, learning each others’ name and recognizing names on name cards and sharing toys, puzzles, blocks and books at free playtime.

We’ll review the sense of touch and have a lesson on the sense of smell using our noses to identify different scents ( lemon, orange, ginger, cinnamon, coffee, vanilla and pine)! We’ll read five senses by Aliki.