Days, Months, Season and Weather

Days, Months, Season and Weather


PreK-4 /Wraparound

In circle time this week we’ll review days of the week, months of the year, seasons and weather( its’ changes and how the changes affect what we wear, do and eat!),

The children continue to recognize and learn the spelling of their names and their friends’ names as we review name cards each day. We are working on taking turns, listening to instructions and respecting and caring about our families, friends and teachers.

We’ll learn about the letter H this week and make horses, helicopters and happy faces!

At the rice table( lots of sensory fun), we’ll search for numbers, letters and shapes

Using picture/puzzle pieces we’ll do some beginning addition and subtraction problems. With candy corn, we will sort, count and graph.

With colorful leaves we’ll make beautiful fall wreaths!

Prek-3 Class

Theme – Leaves and trees

This week each child will be encouraged to join in and participate during singing, story time and circle time. They will also be encouraged to play with each other in a kind and respectful manner.

English – Letter “H” and its sound, naming as many “H” words as we can.
We are learning song- ” If you’re HAPPY and you know it”

Math –  We will be continuing to practice counting 1-10 and putting the numbers in order.

Play game – missing number. Writing numbers 1 to 5. pointing to each object as we count- idea of one to one correspondence Collecting objects to match number : eg give me 5 yellow bears, 4 red bears, etc.

We will be trying to recall the name of the day of the week and learning that there are 7 days in one week.

Story -” Rosie the HEN” Pat Hutchins  and “The Little Red HEN”

Circle Time Activities – 
H” words, shape recognition ( especially triangle, square and rectangle) – number maths and days of the week. We will read at least one story each day.

Discussing signs of the season.

Decorate a HAT


Make a HEART collage

Make a HOUSE to reinforce shape work

Talk about HYGIENE – ways to stay HEALTHY

Prek-2 Class

This week the pre-k two’s class will be exploring the letter F for Fall. We are going to have fun outside with nature and pick out some beautiful fallen leaves for one of our fall projects. We are going to paint with a feather too.   

I would like to expose your little ones to homemade finger paint , which we will make together.  Have you heard about our sensory table? It is filled with artificial leaves, cinnamon scented pine cones, gourds, hay and little letters. It is a great new addition to our room and your children love spending time with their tiny hands in the table exploring. 

We will start exploring our 5 senses! Our first sense we will explore is sense of sight! I hope to do this outside, if Mother Nature cooperates. Stay tuned!