Dental Health

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward ) 
Just a reminder we are closed on Monday for President’s Day! We also will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Thursday February 21st. Please remember to keep practicing at home their phone numbers and addresses. 🙂

Theme Of The Week:
– Dental Health

Letter Of The Week:
– Letter “Qq.”

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Bear’s Loose Tooth.”
– “We Need Dentists.”
– “Dentist’s And What They Do.”
– “I Lost My Tooth.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– Healthy Teeth
– Did You Brush?
– If You’re Happy And You Know It Give A Smile
– Got My Toothpaste, Got My Brush

Projects And Activities:
– Letter Q Worksheets
– Letter Q Alphabet Page
– Letter Q Workbook Page
– Making A Healthy Tooth
– Making A Un-Healthy Tooth
– Making A BIG Sparkly Smile
– Activities For The 100th Day Of School

Prek 3 ( Adele Leeds / Michele Zinicola )
This week’s letter is S. Miss Jess is creating outer space projects with the children. The projects will be on display at our open house on Saturday, February 23rd.

We’ll make suns and snakes, play “I Spy” in our classroom and outside ( weather permitting) and snack on strawberries.

We’ll play Simon Says Stretch and paint with string!

We are working in our workbooks and alphabet review books ( practicing proper grip and control).

We’ll read There’s No Place Like Space (Tish Rabe) and Little Miss Somersault ( Roger Hargreaves).
Adele Leeds
Michele Zinicola