Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

PreK4 & Wraparound Class ( Adele Leeds ) 

This week we’ll celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  We’ll read Green Eggs and Ham, Oh The Places We’ll Go, Hop on Pop and Dr Seuss’s ABCs. We’ll make hats both edible( strawberries and bananas) and decorative/wearable!!

This week’s letter is U. We’ll make colorful umbrellas and unicycles and learn about and create an underwater environment. We’ll practice making uppercase and lowercase Us and numbers 11, 12 and 13. 

We’ll practice counting numbers10-20  and play Uno to strengthen math and language skills.

We’ll learn about and create  our universe ( stars, sun, planets and galaxies). Our galaxy ( the Milky Way) is huge with over 200 billion stars! Our fastest airplane would have to travel for a million trillion years to fly across it!

PreK3 Class ( Susan Adesina ) 

THEME – Identify our 5 senses

This week each child will  be encouraged to  put up their hand to ask a question- take turns.

ENGLISH- Letter “U” and its sound, naming as many “U” words as we can – eg” UMBRELLA UNDER UP

MATHS- count 10 to 20 forward and backwards. Play number identification games


  • “Tastes good ” by S Hewitt
  • “Smell it” by S Hewitt”
  • “UNDERWEAR” by M Monsell
  • “UNDER my feet” by L Erridge
  • NURSERY RHYME- “Head and shoulders”



  • “U “words,  number math. Months of the year. Seasons.
  • We will read at least one story each day
  • We will read a variety of Dr Seuss books this week as it is DR SEUSS WEEK

HEALTH SKILLS-  Blindfolded – feel variety of objects and guess what each one is Play various musical instruments to make different sounds- high/low, loud/soft


  • Decorate paper UMBRELLAS with repeating patterns
  • Draw round hands of child and stick on different textures for freely display 
  • Make an UNDERGROUND picture and stick on insects
  • Make rough/smooth texture collage 
  • Use paper cupcake holders to make umbrella picture 

Prek 2 Class ( Chrissy  Sunberg ) 

The theme of the month of March is “Sensational” and we are going to have fun talking about our 5 senses. We are going to start with the sense of smell. We will use 6 different strong aromas and a blindfold. Please ask your children about it.  We are going to continue keeping our bodies moving by playing indoor gross motor games. 

This week we are learning about the letter S. We are going to make a snake (letter S) using clay, paint and sequins. This project will really challenge their little fingers. We are going to decorate a letter Ss with stars and we are going to make a collage full of Squares for the letter S. 

Some books we are going to be reading are:

  • My five senses
  • Stella Star of the Sea