Dr. Suess Birthday

Dr. Suess Birthday and Y, Letter of the Week

March 2nd is Dr.Suess birthday so on Thursday March 6th we will be having our very own green eggs and ham breakfast at school for all classes. Please send your kids in their PJs and let them experience something extraordinary! we would appreciate any donations of eggs, orange juice and plastic cups!

The remainder of the week we will be focusing on the letter Y and creating yellow yoyos, sponge painting the letter Y and making the letter Y out of yarn!



PreK4 Class

Y is the alphabet letter this week. We’ll make Yaks, yoyos  and paint with yarn-wrapped blocks!

We’ll practice making Ys, 4s, 6s, 9s and 10s and we’ll work on writing our names with uppercase and lowercase letters.



We’ll celebrate Dr. Seuss week with stories, crafts (Dr. Seuss hats ) and a breakfast of green eggs and ham !!

We’ll make a lion’s head and mane (patterning skills) and talk about how March goes in like a “lion” and out like a “lamb.” We’ll experiment  with straws and cotton balls as we learn about the wind!

We’ll explore the five senses this month and start with a lesson on touch. Using their hands only, the children will try to guess what objects are inside closed brown bags!

Healthy foods/ healthy bodies concept will be introduced this week and expanded throughout the month with science and sensory activities!

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