Family Traditions

Happy Holidays month everyone!! This week we will be learning about Family Traditions! We will also be focusing on the letters G, H, and I this month, writing and estimating our numbers, writing our names, and drawing our shapes while identifying how many sides they have. Here is a list of activities we will be enjoying this week! We will also learn more animal names in Spanish, like El Zorro the fox. (Please ask us if we remember the bear, the frog, and the cat or the black cat, and turkey)

Language Arts: We will be reading “The Napping House” by Audrey Wood, “Fancy Nancy and the Fall Foilage”, and a read along about Family Traditions

Handwriting: This week we will be reviewing A-G, our numbers, and names.

Math: This week we will start to learn about estimating and play a fun game with estimating and counting pompoms


How many pom poms are on your ice cream cone? We will play a fun math game and make it into a cool craft!

What is a family tradition in your home? Let’s free draw our families participating in a tradition together!

We will be working on a cool December calendar craft for the classroom this week and will use what we made throughout the month on a Holiday tree!

This week we will be learning about Hanukkah and Christmas and other Holidays! We will also be learning about how important a good sleep is for your body! We have some fun wintery and Holiday yoga we will also be doing this month!