Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week

We are having an added in house class trip at our school !
For fire prevention week the fire department will be coming on Wednesday October 22nd at 10am and Friday at 11am . They will be teaching the children fire safety tips as well as giving the children a tour of the fire truck . Each child will get a fire hat and there is no charge for this trip.


Experimenting with Magnification

This week’s letter is G. We’ll practice the G sounds, identify G words, make geese and practice strumming a guitar. 

We’ll use sponges to make orange and black spider patterns and we’ll put together our own spider books.

Science activities will include lessons on magnification ( using a hand magnifier and jumbo specimen viewer ) and hands-on exploring and experimenting with chalk.


Theme – Harvest and Fall/Autumn

This week each child will be encouraged to join in and participate during singing, story time and circle time. They will also be encouraged to play with each other in a kind and respectful manner.

English – Letter “G” and its sound, naming as many “G” words as we can.

We are learning song- ” Goosey, Goosey Gander”


Math –  We will be continuing to practice counting 1-10 and putting the numbers in order. Writing numbers 1 to 5. pointing to each object as we count- idea of one to one correspondence

We will be trying to recall the name of the day of the week.

Story -” The three Billy Goats Gruff” by Paul Galdone  

Circle Time Activities – ” G” words, color recognition, shape recognition ( especially triangle, square and rectangle) – number maths and days of the week. We will read at least one story each day.

  • Discussing signs of the season.
  • Make a garden
  • “G” collage

Health – What is exercise and how do we stay healthy?


The pre-k two’s class had a fun week of learning and crafts. Next week we will continue learning what the letter D says. We will introduce the letter E as well. We will continue learning how to share, listening to our teachers and most importantly having fun!