Five Speckled Frogs!

Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds )
We are making good progress on our alphabet and number review booklets. The booklets will be great for summertime review.

We are practicing our songs and poem for graduation and looking forward to our celebration.

We’ll use a balance scale, feathers, blocks, small toys, fruit and pompoms for a lesson on weight. Look for our worksheets that reinforce this lesson.

At circle time we’ll review and practice patterning ( with colorful stampers ) and sequencing with story cards.

We’ll review shapes and learn this poem

Shapes are Everywhere!
Shapes, shapes– look all around.
There are many to be found.
Pillows, books, beds and clocks,
Buttons, TVs, pizza, blocks.
Look down low; look up high!
Doors, windows, tables, pie!

We’ll make popcorn flowers and healthy snacks ( lady bugs with apples and raisins and butterflies with bananas and pretzels ).

Prek 3 ( Michele Zinicola )
Pre-K 3 is having a terrific time at school!
We finished with the letter Z – our zebras and number zeros were so much fun to make!
We continue to practice our shapes, colors, numbers, days of the week, seasons, and months of the year. We are having fun singing “Five Speckled Frogs!”
We enjoy singing “Pat-A-Cake” while making shapes with our play dough!
We enjoyed our Mother’s Day Tea, we had a great time making our Mother’s Day projects.  Moms are so very special!!!
We will continue to review our letters and numbers.  We will work in our school workbook reviewing our lessons.
We continue to practice our manners, taking turns, sharing, and being kind to our friends.
We are having so much fun on the playground, playing with our friends outside is such a treat!
May is a great month and school is a great place to be!!  Summer will be here very soon!
Remember to wear your smile to school!!