Happy New Year Everyone – Church Quacker Loc

Prek 4 –  ( Adele Leeds ) 
Welcome back to school and Happy New Year!
We’ll welcome the new year and January with this poem:

January now is here
A fresh new start
For a whole new year!

The snow comes down
In the dark of night

When we awake
The world is white

In January when there’s snow
We get on our sleds
And away we go!

This week’s letter is K. We’ll make kangaroos and koalas and learn about their homes, food and habits.
Look for our colorful K kites!

At circle time, we’ll review letters A-J, numbers 1-15, the seasons, months of the year, days of the week, opposites and rhymes. We continue to work on manners, taking turns and encouraging our friends.

Using an empty tin can, crushed ice, water and salt we’ll make our own frost!