K for Kite

Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds )

We had a great week! The children enjoyed the strawberry jam we made and the  special  ice cream treat! Thank you Mrs. Z.!

We”ll make kites and learn about koalas and kangaroos. Look for our koala, kangaroo and kiwi art projects! We’ll practice the K sound and name K words.

At circle time, we’ll continue our sequencing/story telling lesson ( the children loved using the story cards and putting them in correct order) and we’ll also have a lesson on syllables: the children will be introduced to the parts of names/words as we clap out the number of syllables in their names.

We are practicing for our show on 12/20. The children are energetic and lively and eager for their families to see the show!

We’ll read Clement Moore’s The Night Before Christmas and The Reindeer Christmas by Moe Price.


Prek 3 ( Michele Zinicola ) 

The first week of December has been a great week!

The students have made beautiful holiday wreaths, snowmen, trees, and hearts.

They have been practicing the songs for the holiday show.

We have discussed the reason of this holiday season and how important it is to be kind, considerate, and thoughtful to our family and friends!

We worked on the letter I, with an igloo craft and we made our own ice cream cone with “sprinkles”.

At circle time, we sang and danced to our new holiday songs and continued working on our letters, numbers, shapes, seasons, months, and days of the week.

We are working on each student knowing their birthday month.

We continue to practice taking turns, sharing, school manners, and listening skills.

Next week, we will work on the letter J, and continue having fun reading our holiday books and singing our holiday songs!

School is a fun place to be – remember to wear your smile to school!