Kites to Fly

Prek 4  ( Adele Leeds ) 

We will celebrate and thank our moms at a Mother’s Day tea at school  on Wednesday May 9, 2018 at 10:45 am. Please join us for tea and treats! Wednesday, May 9, 10:45.

We are learning the songs for our end- of- year show, completing our workbooks, reviewing the alphabet and numbers1-20.
With colorful  manipulatives, we’ll explore greater than and less than.

With “paper earthworms” we’ll practice ordering by size.

Using our rice table, measuring cups and spoons and more, we’ll review measurement.

We’ll learn and illustrate this poem

May is the month
Of sunshine and flowers,
Birds in their nests
And one or two showers!

Games to play and kites to fly
Or just looking at the blue sky!
We could spend a year this way
If the year were made of Mays!!