Lesson on Clean Hands


Prek4 ( Adele Leeds ) 

At circle time we are learning and reviewing with name cards our names and our friends’ names! We are practicing waiting our turn to answer questions and encouraging and complimenting our friends as they share at circle time.

We’ll use talcum powder (germs!!) for a lesson on clean hands. We’ll coat our hands with powder, touch all sorts of things and toys and each other’s hands to pass the “germs.” We’ll see how quickly and easily germs can spread and how hand washing is so important to health and cleanliness!!

E is this week’s letter. We’ll practice 11s and 10s and uppercase and lowercase Es. Please ask your child for E words! We’ll make elephant Es and create elephant habitats ( savannah ).

We’ll read Machines Push and Pull by Linda Ward Beech and explore pushes  and pulls, ways that objects move and how magnets move objects.

Look for our “spider books “– life cycle of a spider and our ” handy corn ” art project! 

We’ll use “spiders” and candy corn for math counting, sorting and graphing.

We’ll read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Messy and Little Miss Naughty.


Prek3 ( Adele Leeds ) 

THEME – Fall activities and how to stay active to keep our bodies healthy

This week we will  continue to develop our  listening skills and our ability to sit still when appropriate. We will  continue to practice taking turns through various games and activities.

ENGLISH-We are working on letter “F”  and its sound, naming as many “F” words as we can.
Letter formation and beginning sounds will be carried on this week.

The children are practicing holding their crayons correctly and strengthening crayon grip.
Song: “Old MacDonald had a FARM ”


  • counting 1-10
  • practicing writing number 5 and using a number line. Make a FIVE collage
  • Review the days of the week, the 4 seasons, “October ” and shapes


  • “F” words. We will review, colors and the alphabet. We will read at least one story each day.
  • We are also learning to recognize our own names.

HEALTH SKILLS – Discuss how we can stay healthy, using flash card game


  • Make an ” F”  picture
  • Create a FARM collage with FALL leaves
  • Color a FIRE engine picture
  • Make a plate of FOOD