Let’s Share

It’s “Let’s Share”  week and we will be focusing on the letter Aa-Bb, numbers 1-10 and writing 4, the color green, and the hexagon shape! Here is a list of activities we will be enjoying this week!

Language Arts: We will be reading “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister”, and “The Kissing Hand “ by Audrey Penn.

Handwriting: This week we will focus on recognizing and writing the letter b in lower case and we will be going over Aa-Bb.

We will work on drawing the shapes we learned this month! We will be practicing drawing the circle, triangle, rhombus, and hexagon!

This week we will be playing a number matching game, with numbers and dots on different leaves.


Sharing is caring! We will use a big sheet of paper and all take turns drawing our favorite object or toy that we would share with our friends!

Let’s share a heart! We will decorate and paint hearts that we can share with our families!

What do leaves look like in the fall? We painted a fall tree with changing leaves, using dot paints.

This week we will practice some fall yoga!

During circle time we will learn about the importance of sharing with our friends !  We will also continue to discuss the month, date, days, season and weather! Leaves are falling and fall is here, we have a fun new sign language song to learn for fall!

Ms. Katie