My Family

Happy “My Family”  week! This month we will be focusing on Family Time and Thanksgiving  ! We will also be focusing on the letter Gg,
recognizing numbers 10-20 and writing numbers, the color brown
in Spanish , and the Trapezoid shape! This week we will be practicing number correspondence and use. Here is a list of activities we will be enjoying this week! We will also learn more animal names in Spanish, like El Buho, the Owl.

Language Arts: We will be reading “Bear Has a Story to Tell” by Philip Stead , “This is My Family” by Mercer Mayer, along with some stories that we take turns picking.

Handwriting: This week we will focus on recognizing and writing the letter G and learning A through G in sign language!


We will be playing a game of connect the dots with numbers and play a fun game of cup stacking while trying to stack up to 20!


We will start working with stencils this week and make a stencil of the people in our family!

Let’s make a cool  project out of spoons! We will decorate spoons on paper that look like our family members!

This week we will work on a special “I love my family” project!

This week we will discuss our families and how we are all unique and full of love! We will also continue to discuss our feelings and Thanksgiving, which is coming up quickly! We have a fun new song we will learn for the holiday!