Name Cards at Circle Time


Prek 4 Class (Adele Leeds) 

We are getting acquainted and reacquainted! We’re using our name cards at circle time to recognize and learn to spell our own names and our friends’ names. At circle time we are talking about the days of the week, months of the year, weather, seasons and reviewing colors and shapes with hands-on activities.

We are also practicing numbers 1-12 ( identification and counting ) and reviewing the alphabet with concentration on letter A these first two weeks of school.

We’ll make applesauce and use animal crackers and acorns for sorting and counting activities.

I’ll begin workbook and worksheet lessons and I’ll observe and correct ( if necessary ) the childrens’ pencil/crayon grip and strength. 

We’ll read Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and do two story-related activities: 1) familiarize the children with spelling their first names and 2) a “book review” that challenges the childrens’ story comprehension and recall skills.

We’ll do an apple science experiment and put together night/day and four seasons booklets.

Prek 3 Class ( Susan Adesina )

THEME -Summer/Fall

Story: “Spot Starts School” 

This week we will focus on learning to share, say” please” and”thank you”, listen during story time and sit still when appropriate.

Each child will become familiar with teachers, peers and school environment.

ENGLISH-We are working on letter “A” and its sound, naming as many “A” words as we can.

Nursery.nursery rhymes/ songs ; “A B C” ALPHABET 


  • ” ANIMALS ”  Non-fiction books,
  • ” Autumn is for APPLES” by M Knudsen,
  • ” Is it ALIVE?” by K Graves,
  • ” I am an APPLE” by J Marzollo,
  • “AMAZING APPLES” by J Bauer

MATHS-  We will be sorting by shape then by color. We will be counting 1-20

CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITIES-:   ” A” words, color match, shape match, number maths and days of the week. We will read at least one story each day, often related to letter A.

HEALTH: washing hands


  • Letter A collage.
  • Make a shape sort picture
  • Summer and Fall picture, comparing both