Q Tip Paintings



Prek 4 Class & Wraparound (Adele Leeds)

This week we’ll review letters P, Q and R and introduce the letter S. We’ll practice writing S and numbers 6 and 7. To strengthen math and spatial awareness skills the children will use sugar cubes to build simple structures.

Art/craft projects will include making snowmen, starry night scenes and collages using squares of different colors and patterns.

At circle time, I’ll place a length of cotton batting on the floor (snow) and the children using toy vehicles, people, animals, buildings and cotton balls will create a snowy winter scene!

Using cinnamon, lemon, orange, garlic, mint, coffee, chocolate and perfume, I’ll challenge the children to test their sense of smell as they try and identify these scents!

Prek 3 Class (Susan Adesina)

THEME – Explore care of our teeth

This week each child will  be encouraged to  put up their hand to ask a question- take turns.

ENGLISH- Letter “S” and its sound, naming as many “S” words as we can

MATH- Measuring-Decorate SNAKES of various lengths and then put in order.

STORIES-  ” The SEASHORE” -scholastic books

  •  “The SPACE shuttle” by J Zuehlke
  • “The tiny SEED” by E Carle
  • ‘ If you take a mouse to SCHOOL” by L Numeroff
  • ” The very busy SPIDER” by E Carle
  •                         “6 STICKS” by M Coxe


                                    “Twinkle Twinkle little STAR”


  • “S” words,  number math. Months of the year. SEASONS.
  • We will read at least one story each day

HEALTH SKILLS- Teeth- How do we look after our teeth?


  • Make SEASIDE picture including SEA horses
  • Make a SPIDER picture on a web
  • Make a picture out of 6 sticks ( based on the above story)
  • Make a SIX and SEVEN collage on an S

Prek 2 Class (Chrissy Sunberg)

The pre-k 2’s are going to learn the letter Q q this week. 

We will do quarter crayon rubbings and Q tip paintings. 

Towards the end of the week the two’s will make a Q collage.

We will try writing the letter Q with shaving cream and paper

We are going to review and practice sharing, taking turns and listening in our classroom and during free play. 

We are going to learn a new song with many Q’s in it. Please ask your children to sing it.

Math Fun:

  • We are going to practice counting numbers 1-20.
  • Measuring- hands & feet and comparing length.

The books we will be reading are: 

  • It’s Mine by Leo Lionni
  • Quiet Please (itty bitty phonics reader)

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