Should I Share My Ice Cream?

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward )
We have had a wonderful week talking about what makes a good friend. Just a friendly reminder that the field trip is this Wednesday September 27th.

Theme Of The Week:
-Let’s Share

Letter Of The Week:

-Introducing the letter “Cc” and also reviewing the letters “Aa” and “Bb”.

Books We Will Be Reading:
-“Should I Share My Ice Cream?”
-“Rainbow Fish”
-“Elmer And The Hippos”
-“That’s (Not) Mine
-“Sidney, Stella, And The Moon”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
-It’s Time To Share
-Sharing Song
-My Friends And I Like To Share
-I Will Be Kind

Projects And Activities:
-Letter “Cc” tracing worksheet
-Letter “Cc” alphabet page

-Spanish colors worksheet

-Making our own rainbow fish and discussing how great it is to share.

-Adding more cutting activities to practice our cutting skills

-Doing a “pass the ice cream” sharing activity while reading “Should I Share My Ice Cream?”

Math :
-Practice counting in English and Spanish
-Grouping items together by colors
-Talking about which group has more and which group has less

Prek 3 (Jennifer Polesuk)

This week we are continuing to work in our workbooks to practice writing the letter B. All of the children have been introduced to the correct grip for holding their pencil. Please encourage your child to use the correct grip when writing and coloring at home.

This Wednesday is the rescheduled date for our trip to Sun High Orchard.  Looking forward to a fun time and hoping the weather cooperates!

Theme of the week: Let’s Share

The focus this week during play time will be on sharing and taking turns with our friends.

Letter of the week: B

Books we will be reading:

– Pete the Cat and The Wheels on the Bus by James Dean

– Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.

– Elmer and the Butterfly by David McKee

– The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the BIG HUNGRY BEAR by Don and Audrey Wood


– workbook letter B

– letter B page of our alphabet book

– Brown Bear, Brown Bear mini book and game

– butterfly painting craft

– Froot Loop bracelets



We will begin working on sorting and patterns. We will do this by working with counting bears. We will sort them by color and size, as well as use them to complete a pattern.

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy)

Letter of the week: C
Our objects in a bucket that we will be using: camera, cake, crown, car , camel and corn.

We will be provoking critical thinking through some yes or no question starting with a C some will be:
Can you carry clothes? Can you cook o’clock? Can you count cash? Can a cab clap?

Some projects we will be :

  • Cupcakes!
  • Corn painting by rolling the different size corn on the cob’s in a variety of colors and applying them to paper in the shape of a C
  • Create or own  Caterpillar
  • Cooking : creating our very own cupcakes using plastic silverware to decorate them and our imagination for the rest!
  • Math: we will be playing a movement game with a variety of letters and each time the child sees a C they are to clap and we are going to count our c’s

Some books we will be reading:

  • The counting book by Mitsu  Ano
  • Amazing cats by Alexandra parson
  • Bake the cake by Arthur Howard