Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!


Prek 4 Class

This week we’ll have two activities to strengthen fine motor skills. We’ll use clip clothespins and colorful pompous (bunny tails) and pass the pompom around the circle, each child using his clip/pin to pass the pompom to his neighbor.

I’ll fill our sensory table with “grass” and hide Easter egg halves and lots of plastic numbers and letters. The children will  match and fill the eggs, count the number of eggs they collect and identify their contents.

X is this week’s letter and we’ll make xylophones and X-rays of our hands. We’ll identify as many X words as we can ( not easy!!) and practice writing Xs Ys and Zs and numbers  6, 8 and 9.

Ask your children about our science experiment: ” useful friction.” Friction helps your hands hold objects, makes them warm when you rub them together and makes car tires heat up and grip the road surface!

We’ll celebrate the Easter/Spring season with stories and poems that share and explain the gifts of rebirth and renewal.

Prek 3 Class

THEME- identify healthy and unhealthy meals

This week each child will  be encouraged to  share with their classmates and ask them politely for things

ENGLISH- Continue with letter “w” 

Letter “X” and its sound, naming as many “X words as we can – eg” X RAY

 MATHS- count 10 to 20 forward and backwards.  Focus on 11, 12 and 13 .

Play number identification games. Dot to dot


  • “Jessica’s x -Ray” by P Zonta
  • “The edible pyramid ” by L Leedy
  • “Good enough to eat “by L Rockwell
  • The Easter story                      


  • “1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive”
  • “There were 10 in the bed”
  • “5 little monkeys”
  • “10 green bottles”



  • “X” words,  number math. Months of the year. Seasons – talk about the 4 seasons 
  • We will read at least one story each day

 SCIENCE SKILLS – learning about different food groups



  • Decorate the letter X
  • Paint the letter X
  • Paint bones in a fish for X Ray 
  • make a plate of healthy food
  • make Easter decorations

Prek 2 Class

This week the 2’s will be learning the letter U. I have some fun letter U projects planned for your children.

Some examples are an umbrella and a hot air ballon going UP. Be sure to look for them in their back pack next week. 

We are going to explore the sense of taste by using a blindfold and many different types of snacks. Please ask your children what type of food they tasted this week. 

We also plan on identifying different types of food categories and making a food collage.  

Some books we will be exploring are:

  • Great Day for UP
  • You can too