Spring is Here

Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds) 

We’ll celebrate the arrival of spring this week and learn this poem

Spring is Here!!

Spring is here.
Spring is here.
Goodbye snow.
Flowers grow!

Birds and bees,
Leaves on trees.
Hello Spring!
Hello Spring!

This week’s letter is V. We’ll make volcanos, vases and cold vegetable soup ( carrots, peppers and celery)!

With baking soda, white vinegar and red dye we’ll make an erupting volcano! With the baking soda, vinegar, blue dye and rice we’ll make the rice dance!

We’ll read Arthur’s Family Vacation ( Marc Brown ) and talk about vacations we’ve taken or plan to take. At circle time we”ll use a large map of the United States to help us plan where we want to go and then pack a bag with all we need to have fun!