Spring is Here!


The overall goal for April is to study the various aspects of the season spring to help the children identify different animals that live in ponds, characteristics of water, to examine the importance of the earth God gave us and how to care for it and life which exists on it. In addition, we will be creating spring pictures , painting warm bright suns, reviewing the letter S and making our own snakes that slither!
Here is Aprils monthly supply list:

  • We are low on wet glue,
  • glue sticks and
  • paper towels.


We appreciate any donations as this helps to keep our cost down.


To celebrate the change of season we’ll make  a pretty springtime snack: cherry blossoms with pretzels and pink cream cheese!
We’ll review letters G, H and I and practice letter formation with an edible  activity using honeycomb cereal and beehives! We’ll make beautiful letter G gardens!


We’ll explore living things (farm vegetables) and we ‘ll figure out which grow up and which grow below! We’ll do some taste testing too!

Our science activity/experiment using oil, water, dish detergent and small plastic animals shows us the importance of a clean environment to keep our animal friends healthy and happy!!!