Summer Rhymes

Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds )
We’ll review positional words, opposites and rhyming. Look for our “summer rhymes” booklet!

The children are working hard on their alphabet and number review books!

We’ll read Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming and the children will construct their names using colorful paper strips, circles and semicircles.

We’ll learn this poem to review sequencing events:
I put on my rain boots.
I put on my hat.
I put on my raincoat just like that!

My umbrella goes up.
I run out to play.
The sun peeks out, and the rain goes away!

On the playground, with our water table, dice and toy insects, frogs, fish and turtles we’ll practice number recognition and counting.

To work on scissor skills the children will practice cutting paper, play dough, cotton balls, grass and cooked pasta!

Prek 3 ( Michele Zinicola)

Pre-K 3 is having a terrific time at school with our friends!
We finished the letter X – look for our xylophones and x-rays!!
We continue to practice our colors, shapes, numbers, days of the week, seasons, and months of the year.
We are having fun singing “Five Speckled Frogs”  with our 4 yr. old friends, Mrs. Leeds and Mrs. Reva.
We celebrated Earth Day and made beautiful sunflowers.
As a school project, we started a seed jar with our friends in the 4 yr. old class.
We continue to work on sharing, taking turns, our manners, and being kind and considerate.
Next week, look for our letter Y and Z projects! We have been going outside and having so much fun on the playground!
School is a great place to be – Remember to wear your smile to school!!!