Tadpole to Frog

Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds ) 

We’ll start working on our alphabet and number ( 1-20 ) review books. We’ll complete them by the end of May and send them home for summertime review.

We’ll read from Tadpole to Frog by Wendy Pieffer and do puzzles and booklets showing the changes/ stages as the tadpoles grow.

To work on our math skills, we’ll do several circle time Spring math activities ( number recognition, counting and sorting ): flower petal math, how many raindrops?? and butterfly/ flower number line with dice.

We’ll create rain clouds ( jar, water, shaving cream and blue food coloring ) and review the water cycle.

Look for our dandelions and sunflowers!

Prek 3 ( Michele Zinicola ) 

Pre-K 3 is having a great time at school!
We finished with the letter W – we had so much fun making our whale project and our wiggle worm picture!
We continue to practice our colors, shapes, and numbers.  We are working on the number 9.
At circle time, we review the days of the week, months of the year, the seasons, and are having fun with our new poem – “Five Speckled Frogs!”
We enjoyed making an edible snack with our friends in pre-k 4.  We snacked on an edible zoo made of pretzels and animal crackers!
We continue to work on sharing, taking turns, our manners, and being kind to our friends.
Next week, we will start the letters X and Y, look for our x-rays and yarn projects.
Outside play is fun, we enjoy having a good time with our friends.
Spring is here and school is an exciting place to be!
Remember to wear your smile to school!!