Thank you, Veterans

Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds )
To celebrate Memorial Day, we’ll make red, white and blue star wreaths, patriotic hand-print decorations and an edible American flag ( blueberries, strawberries, bananas and marsh mellows!).

We’ll use craft sticks for lessons on symmetry and sorting and graphing.

Using lily pads and frogs we’ll do simple ( #s 1-10 ) addition and subtraction.

I’ll send home the workbooks and  alphabet review booklets. The children have done excellent work!

We are practicing for our graduation and look forward to celebrating!

Prek 3 ( Michele Zinocola ) 

Pre-K 3 is having a great time at school.  We are reviewing the numbers and letters we have learned this past school year!
We continue to practice our shapes, colors, days of the week, months of the year, weather, and seasons.
We are having fun singing “Five Speckled Frogs” and all our new songs!
We are working in our school books to review all our school lessons.
We continue to practice our manners, taking turns, sharing, and being kind to our friends.
We are having so much fun on the playground, the weather has been beautiful!
School is a great and exciting place to be!! The students have done a terrific job this past school year!!
Remember to wear your smile to school!