The Pumpkin Book

The Pumpkin Book

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Ward )
This week we will be discussing leaves, trees and pumpkins. How the leaves and trees change during the fall and how it takes months for pumpkins to grow.

Theme Of The Week:
– Leaves, trees and pumpkins

Letter Of The Week:
-We will be reviewing again this week the letters A-E.

Books We Will Be Reading:
– “Autumn Leaves.”
– “The Pumpkin Book.”
– “Autumn.”
– “Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night.”
– “Fall Leaves Fall.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– The Leaves On The Trees
– 1,2 Leaves Fall Down
– Five Little Leaves
– Leaves Are Falling
– All The Leaves Are Falling Down

Projects And Activities:
– Leaf Paintings
– Letters A-E worksheet
– Pumpkins
– Leaf Collage
– Handprint Leaf Trees

Prek 3 ( Jennifer Polesuk) 

Wednesday is our trip to Shop Rite! Looking forward to a fun morning!

Theme of the week: Fun With Fall/ Counting Up and Back

Letter of the week: D

Books we will be reading:

– One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Roo

– 5 Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino

– The Littlest Pumpkin by R.A. Herman

– Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson


– 5 Little Ducks song and counting activity

– dot paint patterns

– 5 Little Pumpkins song and craft

– coloring the correct number of leaves worksheet

– acorn painted pumpkins

– dice game

Prek 2 (Nellie Westpy) 

Letter of the week: G

Some projects we will be doing:
Marshmallow ghosts
Green G with gum drops
Gumball project with pom-poms

Some books we will be reading:
The golden goose by Jacob Grimm
Grouchy ladybug by Eric Carlisle
A week at grandmas by Stan Bernstein

This week we will be doing a guessing jar with a review of items A-G

Math skill : we will be reviewing Number one through five with a variety of counting lessons as well as identification flashcards.