The Thankful Book




Prek 4 ( Jennifer Quartucci )

We had a great week in the classroom, keeping busy and having fun! Our fall party was a big hit!😊


  • Making a Eight Book for our letter ‘E’
  • E is for Earth project
  • Begin working on our ‘We are thankful for’ bulletin board
  • November monthly portrait page for end of year book


  • The Earth Book
  • The Eeensy Weensy Spider
  • The Thankful Book

Song: ‘Do your Ears Hang Low?’

We are continuing with practicing letter and number formation through workbooks, worksheets and hands on activities

Be sure to ask your child some words that start with the letter ‘E’ and its’ formation: ‘Big line, little line, little line, little line
Prek 3 ( Jennifer Polesuk )

Next week will be a short but busy week!

Letters of the week: E and F

Books we will be reading:

  • Fish Eyes by Lois Ehlert
  • Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree by Eileen Christelow
  • Froggy Goes to School by Jonathan London


  • envelope craft
  • painting with forks
  • Fall scenes


  • We will continue to work on recognizing and sequencing the numbers 1-10.
  • elephant number game
  • elephant counting cards

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy)

Hello parents! Please keep in mind that this week is a short week as we are closed this Thursday and Friday for teacher training. Below is the abbreviated activities we will be doing this week.

Letter of the week: j

  • Books we will be reading:
  • Five little monkeys jumping by Eileen Chrislo
  • Juice by Pamelo canko
  • Sheep in jeep by Nancy Shaw

Projects we will be doing:

  • The J with jellybeans
  • Jellyfish made from a paper plate streamers and paint

Quaker Location

I Voted Craft


Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds ) 

We’ll review letters A-G and make alphabet soup using fruits and vegetables beginning with those letters. We’ll  practice writing letters A-G and numbers 7 and 8.

With talcum powder as ” germs” we’ll talk about germs, how they spread and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy — lots of hand washing!!

Weather permitting we’ll take a nature walk and collect leaves, pine cones and acorns that we’ll use for a math counting and sorting activity.

We’ll vote for our favorite puppet and talk about elections, choice and voting! We’ll tally our votes , declare a winner and make ” I Voted ” buttons!

We’ll read Hocus Pocus, It’s Fall by Anne Sibley O’Brien and begin to talk about Thanksgiving and share all that  we are thankful for this year!

The children are working so well in their workbooks and take pride in their art projects!
Prek 3 ( Michele Zinicola)

We had a terrific and fun Fall party on October 31sr!

The children were so excited, and everyone loved being dressed up in their adorable costumes!

What a fun way to celebrate fall!

We will continue to practice our letters – A,B,C,D,E, and F.  Our letter projects are so cute!

We are working on shapes, colors, and letters in our school workbook.

At circle time, we enjoy singing our finger-play songs, reciting poems, talking about the weather changes, the calendar, the seasons,

days of the week, and months of the year!  Now that it is November, we will be discussing this month’s holidays.

The weather is cooperating, so we have been enjoying outside fun with our friends!

November will be a great month!  Remember to wear your smile to school!