U for Unicycle



Prek 4 Class

We’ll review letters T and U and finish our U projects (unicycles and underwater scenes).

We’ll learn about volcanoes ( we’ll watch a volcano erupt!) and violins and make vegetable soup( talking also about healthy foods and healthy bodies and different  textures and tastes).

We’ll use several pasta shapes and muffin tins for a math counting and sorting activity.

Phonics lessons will include making rhyming puzzles and a small booklet of rhyming cards.

To practice beginning sounds, we’ll make a sound stew! I’ll put objects one at a time in the pot and encourage the children( taking turns) to add “ingredients” with the same beginning sound until we have a full pot!

Using cereal boxes as game boards we’ll play letter identification lotto/ bingo with the children identifying and marking the letters on their cereal box/ boards as I draw and display the letters. This activity ( one we will repeat) encourages the children to look for and find letters and numbers on all sorts of printed material!

Look for our V art projects: flower-filled vases and volcanoes!

Prek 3 Class

THEME – explore the 5 senses through hands on experience 

This week each child will  be encouraged to  put up their hand to ask a question- take turns.

ENGLISH- Letter “V” and its sound, naming as many “V” words as we can – eg” VAN VET VOICE VOLCANO VIOLIN VACUUM VEGETABLES VASE

MATHS- count 10 to 20 forward and backwards. Play number identification games


  • “Tastes good ” by S Hewitt
  •  “Smell it” by S Hewitt”
  • The Easter story 

NURSERY RHYME- “Head and shoulders”


  • “V” words,  number math. Months of the year. Seasons.
  • We will read at least one story each day

HEALTH SKILLS-  Blindfolded –
feel/taste/smell/listen to a variety of objects and guess what each one is 
Play various musical instruments to make different sounds- high/low, loud/soft


  • Make a collage of things we are thankful for
  • Make a VASE of paper flowers on a letter V
  • Make a hand print VOLCANO 
  • Cut out several paper hands and stick a different textured material on each hand
  • Use a paper towel tube and dried beans to make a shaker

Prek 2 Class

This week we will learn about the letter T by making a traffic light out of torn paper and a tractor. While we are making our traffic light, I will discuss the meaning of the 3 colors in a traffic light, be sure to ask your children about it.  

We will discuss the sense of touch by touching different textures. 

Some books we will be exploring are Tick-Tock Time & I Touch.