V for Vegetables

Prek-3 Class

Next week we will be reviewing the letter F and making a fruit collage reviewing our fruit groups. Additionally, we will be reviewing a variety of shapes. We will continue to learn about the world God has created for us.

Please note that all of our projects and lessons are abbreviated as we get ready for our preschool graduation show.

Monday May 12th is our moms breakfast from 9am-10am. Tuesday we will have a teacher from NJ swim come in a do a demonstration on swim safety with all the children at 10am.

Prek-4 Class

We’ll finish our alphabet review (V,W,X,Y and Z); we’ll review beginning sounds and practice letter formation. We ‘ll make letter V vegetables and volcanoes and W watermelons!

In circle time we’ll practice our  Bible verses,days of the week, months of the year, seasons and continue to review our name cards (all the children have learned their names and those of their classmates!).

We’ll make our own puzzles with cardboard cereal, cracker and cookie boxes and challenge ourselves to put them together.

We talk A LOT about the importance of kindness and caring and we’ll collaborate  to make our own kindness/ caring gardens!!!