V for Volcano


Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds )

This week’s letter is V. We’ll make a volcano and watch it erupt! (Baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring).

We’ll make colorful vases and listen to violin music.

We are tending to our vegetable “garden” and we’ll use carrots, celery and peppers  for a math sorting and counting activity.

Look for our water cycle project. We’ll talk about precipitation, collection, evaporation and condensation.

This week’s sight words are up and down.

Prek 3 (Nellie Westpy )

Letter of the week : X

Theme of the week :healthy versus unhealthy foods

Books we will be reading:

  • Be good to your body by Roz Fulcher
  • Choose good food by holly Conger
  • Eat healthy and feel great by Chrissy Kelly

Projects we will be doing:

  • Xylophone for the letter X
  • Placing different foods on paper and discussing which ones are healthy and which ones are not
  • The letter X with tissue squares to reinforce fine motor skills

Math: we will be using m&m math cards and counting while matching the correct number

Please send a reminder out that next week is early dismissal on Friday at 1130 and then we are close from April 4 through the eight.