V, the letter of the week / Parents Feedback

V, the letter of the week

Hello All,
Next  week’s letter is V and our weekly theme will be healthy hearts and teeth as we missed most of our lessons due to inclement weather. We will also touch on black history month. We have our in class trip Monday February 10th from 9:15 to 10:15 with Dr. Anthony Fusco. This trip is for all children who attend Little Promises on Monday and if you wish for your child to join you are required to call in advance.

PreK-4 Class

V is this week’s letter and we’ll use valentines and hearts for math and language activities. We’ll do sorting and graphing with heart-shaped marshmallows !

To celebrate President’s day we’ll learn about presidents Washington and Lincoln with stories and project/poems.

For science we’ll make a “volcano” and watch it erupt!!

We’ll make valentine cards and shape collages!

Circle time activities will include a lesson on table manners(making a small booklet of reminder cards)!!!

We’ll also review sharing: when it’s appropriate and when it ‘s not!!!

Parents Feedback, very important to us

Little Promises Academy is running a survey in order to understand how to better improve our service. Your feedback is very important to us.  This survey should only take about 5 minutes of your time and your answers will be completely anonymous. All survey results will be published in next month’s newsletter.

You can navigate to the survey by clicking on the following URL:


Upcoming Events:

Valentine Party at our school

We are having a valentine party at our school on February 14th from 10:00 AM  to 11:00 AM.  All children are welcome but if your child does not attend in that day normally they need to call and sign up for that hour in advance.


Class Trip with Dr. Fusco

Monday Feb 10th 2014, we have an in class trip from 9:15 to 10:15 with Dr. Fusco at our school for ages 3 and up . Feb 14th we will be having a valentine party and letters will be sent home next week with items that are needed.


Valentine Fundraiser – Feb 14th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Preschool is hosting a Valentine Fundraiser event for our playground.It is parent night out event where you drop the kids off at 6:00 PM and pick them up at 9:00 PM. The cost will be $30 for families up to 2 children for ages 3 and up.  $10 fee will be required  for each additional child. We will have healthy snacks and drinks for all the kids as well as a cookie making station, and craft tables.

Registration is required tomorrow by February 10th 2014.

Open House Event – Friends-and-family Referral Program

We have previously mentioned that the preschool will be hosting an open house on February 22nd 2014.  We have added a friends-and-family referral program  as part of the open house event for the preschool. The idea is that anyone who signs up during the next open house event on Feb 22nd as a result from a friend or family member referral will receive a one time $25.00 credit off their next month’s tuition payment.  if you have two friends to sign up, the credit goes up to $50 dollars and so on.

Bring your friends and family to the event who are interesting on join the school!

Tips for Parents online:

The 20 Best Snacks for Kids ( from parents.com)

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