Valentine’s Day

Prek 4 ( Adele Leeds )

Our Valentine’s Day party is on Wednesday 2/14. We’ll share Valentine cards, enjoy a special snack and make a Valentine craft!
After our party on Wednesday 2/14, Dr. Ross ( dentist ) will visit us and present a lesson on dental health! We’re looking forward to Dr. Ross’s visit.

We’ll make Valentine name puzzles and do heart number match (#s 1-15).

We’ll practice letter Q formation, make colorful ( with paint )Q-tip Qs and name as many Q words as we can!
We’ll learn and illustrate this Q poem


A cloud is quiet,
Feathers are, too!
A rabbit is quiet.
Tell me, are you?

We’ll celebrate Presidents’ Day with projects and ¬†books ( Take the Lead, George Washington by Judith St. George and I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Meltzer).