W, the letter of the week

W, the letter of the week

Hello Little Promises Parents,

Our letter of the week is W. This week we will be creating worms in dirt, whales in water and reviewing the overall monthly theme as we have missed class time due to the inclement weather. We will be also doing some additional valentine crafts for the kiddies who missed Valentine’s party last Friday.
Prek 4 Class


This week’s letter is W. We’ll make walruses, Ws with worms and oceans full of water, waves and whales!

Science lessons will include discussions/ activities on weather and different climates and how they affect out food,clothing and activity choices. We’ll learn about the water cycle and make a poster together!

In circle time, we’ll do sorting, counting and graphing with gummy worms. We’ll challenge ourselves with word searches(looking for color words and our names)!


Parents Feedback, very important to us

We want to thank all parents who have participated on providing their feedback to us. As we mentioned before, your opinion is very important to us in order to provide you a better service.

For those parents who have not provided their feedback yet, please use the following link to submit the survey.


The survey should only take about 5 minutes of your time and your answers will be completely anonymous.

We will keep the survey form active for one more week to provide the opportunity to all parents to submit it!


Field Trip Memories
Chucke Cheese Trip – January 27th 2014

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Upcoming Events: 

6 more days for our Open House Event
Friends-and-family Referral Program

We have previously mentioned that the preschool will be hosting an open house on February 22nd 2014.  We have added a friends-and-family referral program  as part of the open house event for the preschool. The idea is that anyone who signs up during the next open house event on Feb 22nd as a result from a friend or family member referral will receive a one time $25.00 credit off their next month’s tuition payment.  if you have two friends to sign up, the credit goes up to $50 dollars and so on.

Bring your friends and family to the event who are interesting on join the school!


Reminder: The school will be closed on Monday February 17th 2014 for President’s Day holiday.