Way Down Deep In The Deep Blue Sea

Prek 4 ( Jennifer Wards )
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: ***Graduation is coming up in just a few short weeks and Miss Nellie would like to do a practice at the QUAKER CHURCH LOCATION ON JUNE 6TH**** All full time children will be transported to and from the facility. If your child only comes in the morning on this day, please drop off and pick up your child from QUAKER CHURCH ON JUNE 6TH.

Theme Of The Week:
– The Ocean And The Animals Who Live In It

Letter Of The Week:
We are still going to be reviewing our letters A-Z again this week and we will also be learning about rhyming words.

Books We Are Going To Be Reading:
– “Way Down Deep In The Deep Blue Sea.”
– “Shhh! The Whale Is Sleeping.”
– “The Stormy Whale.”
– “Little Quack’s Hide And Seek.”

Songs We Will Be Singing:
– Five Little Fish
– An Orange Octopus
– Take Me Out To The Ocean
– One, Two, Three Little Fishes

Projects And Activities:
– Make An Ocean
– Jellyfish
– Crab
– Shark

Prek 3 ( Michele Zinicola ) 

Pre – K 3 is having a great time at school – we are learning so many new and exciting things at school!!  We are having so much fun with our friends on the playground!

Letter of the Week:
Letter Concept Review
All through the school year, our students have spent time exploring letters of the alphabet through different
kinds of educational and fun activities.  We will continue working on our letter review.

Projects and Activities:
Letter Review – activities and worksheets, letter recognition, letter tracing, writing
Math Concepts Review – counting, matching objects to numbers, number review
Color and Shapes – review shapes and colors
Letter Review Books and Songs – ABC songs, Alphabet books
Happy Memorial Day!

Prek 2 ( Nellie Westpy )
Review letter of the week:T

Some projects we will be doing:
“ thumbody loves you “ thumbprint painting project
Creating a traffic light
T  with triangles

Some books we will be reading :
One tiny turtle by Nicola Davis
Things that go by Richard scary
Big truck little truck by Jan Carr

Math skill: 10 ways to make a T: we will be using a variety of 10 objects to make the letter T . Some of these will be cut out triangles, teddy bears, tic tacs.

Please continue to review with your children shapes, numbers one through 10 and colors